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Scooter and Motorized Cycle
Rentals World-Wide

Franchise Opportunities

Imagine owning a part of the American dream - riding in the great outdoors with the wind in your face - all without having to bicycle up hills. We offer a truly innovative opportunity based on proven success. For far less capital than is required for virtually all other franchises, you can be on your way to owning and operating a very successful vehicle rental business. Our experts will train you at our corporate office in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada or our retail location in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. You will learn how to operate the cycles and scooters, properly maintain the equipment and run the entire business. Many of the motorized cycles look very similar to Harley Davidsons (tm) and other similar cycles. These cycles are now available with a fully automatic transmission and no motorcycle license is required to operate such a vehicle in virtually all states.

Buy Your Own Franchise Retail Outlet!

Scooter rental locations are ideal in large cities as well as perfect for tourist or beach front locations that attract a young adult consumer group (think of all the college students looking for such vehicles during their spring break!) The sales of scooters has grown over 278% in one year. Manufacturers from all over the world are producing scooter and cycle models as never before. Our retail locations carry a full line of Italian made sport-style scooters.

Buy an Entire Regional Territory! Another Excellent Investment Opportunity

In addition, we offer Regional Developers the opportunity to contract for exclusive state-wide territories throughout the U.S. Imagine having large numbers of franchises reporting directly to you as a regional business operator - maintaining a true local presence for our business.

Get your Inventory at Great Prices and Reduce Your Costs!

We offer the opportunities to acquire the scooters/cycles at extremely reasonable prices based on negotiations with various sellers. We understand the market and have seasoned professionals who have been in the sale and service aspects of scooters and cycles for numerous years. You will receive an operations manual and the software to get you started and on your way to success.

You Can Open a Scooter Planet™ Franchise with Less than $75,000!

You do not need a substantial amount of capital to begin a scooter franchise. As a matter of fact, you could operate in a small store front location and utilize the parking spaces in a strip mall for the display of your inventory. This is a perfect opportunity for tourist / resort communities. Think about the thousands of tourists who may walk by your business and decide to rent a two-seater scooter for a few hours or even a whole day. These consumers usually take taxicabs or buses from place to place and have not rented another vehicle. Suggested Rental prices start at $15 per hour and may rise to in excess of $100 per day. The cycles are relatively inexpensive to purchase and best of all, most states do not require a motorcycle license to operate.

You Can Attract Customers Who Travel Light and Do Not Want To Rent a CAR!

Most credit cards are accepted by the retail operations. Unlike the rental car businesses, individuals under the age of 25 are generally allowed to drive a scooter or rental cycle. The scooters and cycles are also available in less than 50 cc engines and thus, in most states, do not require any DMV registration or special insurance. However, the business will be required to obtain an appropriate insurance policy and may need to place a bond with the DMV. The fuel efficiency is spectacular and the community benefits by having less air pollution . This is particularly important in the congested urban population.

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