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Unlike Any Real Estate Business You've Ever Known

  • No Listing Required
  • Full Commissions ( No Cut Commissions )
  • Work 9 To 5 ( No Evenings Or Weekends )
  • Develop Your Own R.E. Investments
  • Double End Nearly All Transactions
  • No Open Houses ( Ever! )
  • No Driving Prospects Around ( Ever! )
  • Recruit Better Agents At Lower Commission Splits
  • Make More Money With Less Effort

About The Safeguard Realty Investment Franchise Business

Safeguard Realty Investments is a powerful, turn-key real estate investment marketing system that has proven effective through both volatile and steady market conditions. We now offer an exclusive franchise opportunity to professionals nationwide. A SafeGuard franchise is designed to either compliment an existing residential brokerage, or stand alone as a newly launched investment brokerage. It is designed like no other real estate business you know.

There are 25 million rental properties in the U.S.; 92 percent of these properties are owned by individual investors. As residential housing demands increase, the demand for affordable rental housing also increases. As large and growing as this market is, it is largely ignored by the traditional residential real estate agent. One reason is the recognition that marketing these properties will require a specialized knowledge and understanding of the marketplace. Another is the perception that the time required to make the transition to selling income properties will prove too costly. SafeGuard Realty Investments successfully addresses both of these issues through its franchise program.

How We Stand Apart From Others In The Industry

Safeguard specializes in the buying and selling of residential income properties. We specifically target properties that have between 2 to 20 rental units. Our Investment Associates find these properties through our proprietary marketing methods. We do not market properties from a listing service. Of the properties we find, we only market those that we feel possess strong investment potential to our investors. Often, they are properties with a unique characteristic that would not typically be recognized and/or exploited for profit. Franchise owners are specifically trained in recognizing and marketing such properties.

Safeguard's unique marketing philosophy and approach to the buyer/seller relationship eliminates the time wasting frustration and anguish that residential agents deal with everyday. The results are much higher productivity per man-hour which not only translates to higher office volumes, but to the health and welfare of each and every Investment Associate. A Safeguard Franchise office appeals to business professionals who seek a more exclusive and financially rewarding career.

Become A Franchise Partner

The benefits of owning a SafeGuard franchise are many:

  • Proven marketing and business system
  • Collaborative partnership with all SafeGuard Franchises
  • Unique Real Estate Investment model-limited competition
  • Established brand name and company image
  • Comprehensive "jumpstart" training
  • Ongoing training and marketing support
  • In-house ad agency providing Best-of-Class marketing collateral
  • Unique agent recruitment opportunities
  • Ability to develop your own personal portfolio

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