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The first Internet franchise of its kind, REZcity offers an unprecedented income opportunity with minimal investment. Franchisees get an exclusive territory in one or more of 53,000 local towns or cities earning a revenue share of all revenue generated in their territory.

We offer franchises for "Individual Franchises," "REZcity PLUS Franchises" and "Area Representatives." Individual Franchises specialize in the sale of Internet based marketing tools such as banner advertisements on the home page and calendar pages of the website, content licensing, creating websites with unlimited pages featuring a shopping cart orde r s ystem and other forms of Internet Advertising. We also provide tools such as real-time reservations, confirmations,appointment scheduling, and business-to-consumer negotiating of retail products and services. Other services include search engine submission and domain name site registration. All of these services are designed fo r s mall to medium sized businesses. Our travel services feature online 24/7 reservations/bookings for Airlines, Hotels, Cars, Limo, Tours and Cruise products with over 55 bookable engines.

For REZcity Plus Franchises, in addition to the services described above, the franchisee can elect to operate a consignment business online and provide an auction model through the eBAY Marketplace. REZcity PLUS Owners will promote EZdropoff which is dedicated to providing a simple, fast and convenient way to sell items and vehicles on eBay. Customers bring in items or vehicles that they would like to sell. Digital photographs are taken. Text is written and an attractive, detailed listing is placed on eBay. EZdropoff tracks the auction, answers questions from prospective buyers, processes payment, packages the item, and ships it to the winner when the auction closes. (We follow all trading policies set forth by eBay and ethical selling practices) The Internet is transforming the way we do business!

As the online industry matures, the Internet continues to change the face of business as companies large and small offer thei r s ervices online. Internet franchising is a revolutionary opportunity harnessing this movement toward electronic business, and its available now to a select group of entrepreneurial individuals and companies.

REZcity is the largest, most comprehensive local community portal on the Internet. REZcity provides compelling, up to the minute information to over 53,000 American communities in 600 metropolitan areas. The site provides users with a comprehensive community guide in addition to providing an effective, affordable, local online commerce and marketing solution fo r s mall businesses seeking to target their local customers online.

REZcity and its partners continue to build their brand recognition and loyalty. REZcity and its media partners will conduct aggressive, multi-level advertising campaigns incorporating radio, television, print media and the Internet to promote REZcity throughout the 53,000 communities it represents.

REZcity is the online solution fo r s mall business. Most small business owners know they need an Internet presence, but don't know how to make an affordable, effective impact. REZcity offers a complete solution for website development, hosting and marketing.

When you look at the numbers, you can see that REZcity offers a great opportunity for small to mid-size businesses:

One hundred million Americans spend an average of 1.7 hours per day on the Internet. More than twenty-four million Americans check the Internet at least once a week to access local news, sports, weather and business information. Business-to-consumer revenue generated through the Internet is projected to grow to $108 billion annually by 2003. An additional $500 billion will be spent in physical stores as a result of Internet Advertising Half of the people who use portals such as REZcity are searching for product information. Nearly twice as many of these users click on banner ads, and these users are twice as likely to make a purchase after clicking on an ad. Eighty percent of consumer discretionary spending is conducted within a 3 to 10 mile radius of home. In three years, it is estimated that the Internet will generate $486 billion annually in local consumer spending.

The first Internet franchise, offers outstanding income potential and minimal investment and risk. Franchisees get an exclusive in one of REZcity's 53,000 local marketplaces, earning a share in all revenues generated in that market.REZcity supports franchisees every step of the way, providing professional training, marketing materials and services to ensure franchisee's success in promoting and selling advertising. Franchisees Receive:

Training, which begins with a self-study course lasting 2 weeks on the franchisee's technical background. Upon passing a proficiency exam, franchisees can elect to attend an extensive in-house training at REZcity Corporate Headquarter or they can take an online class held ove r s everal weeks,. The company counsels franchisees by phone, fax and e-mail as they set up the franchise, and then offers on-site training and assistance during the launch. Ongoing training courses continues throughout the franchise agreement term. Sales and marketing materials, including printed brochures; network TV; cable, radio and online advertising; PR; and co-marketing initiative with local partners. Access to REZcity's yellow page database, containing 23 million business in the United States . Detailed reports on franchisees' sales teams' performance.

Every time a local business in your area adds a Web site on REZcity... Every time a local business purchases an ad on REZcity... Every time a national business purchases an ad that appears in your market... Every time a consumer orders a product from a local business's web site... Every time a consumer utilizes reserve them confirm them schedule them self...

The Franchisee Earns REVENUE!

The largest and most comprehensive local community portal on the Internet, is the Web's first interconnected network of local U.S. city guides. Serving 53,000 U.S. communities in 700 major metropolitan areas, simplifies daily life for local citizens with comprehensive information for leisure, shopping, community events and special interests. On one central site, locals can shop for merchandise and professional or trade services, take advantage of sales and special values at local merchants, find out Little League game states, announce a garage sale, participate from home in live "town hall" discussions, find volunteer opportunities, etc.

"Many people, frequent visits" - REZcity is an advertiser's dream and a highly profitable business opportunity for franchisees.

Why local businesses want to establish websites and advertise on

  • 100 million Americans spend an average of 1.7 hours per day on the Web, researching, communicating and shopping
  • More than 24 million American adults check the web at least weekly for local news, sports, weather and local yellow pages
  • Business-to-consumer revenue over the Internet, $18 billion last year, is projected to grow to $108 billion annually by 2003
  • Another $500 billion will be spent at physical stores and branches as a result of web advertising
  • Compared to average internet users, local users are more likely to shop on the web, or offline because of what they learn on the web
  • Half of local users go to the Web to look for product information. Nearly twice as many click on ads. And they're twice as likely to buy after clicking an ad.
  • Eighty percent of all discretionary family spending is conducted within a 20 mile radius of home. So in three years the local Web will stimulate $486 billion of local consumer spending.

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