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This turn-key home-based business is easy.

As a distributor you have the opportunity to lease, sell, install and service the highest quality water filtration products to businesses and homeowners. Your product line consists of 200+ water filtration products including our premier Bottle-Free office water cooler.

People are concerned about the quality of their drinking water and that's why they spend billions on bottled water. You offer a money saving, low cost solution to provide the highest quality drinking water. You supply a system that's 10x's cleaner than the name brand bottled water companies like Zephyrhills, Crystal Springs and Deer Park.

This billion-dollar market is yours for the taking. With a market that has no real competitors, this can become a major opportunity for you to earn a full-time income with part time effort. Our business offers a low entry fee, direct from the manufacturer product pricing, a full ecommerce website, drop shipping and the training and support you need to succeed.

This money making business allows you the unique opportunity of leasing, high quality Bottle-Free Reverse Osmosis water coolers. Your market are the millions of business owners, homes and commercial facilities that think bottled water is the only solution to our contaminated water supply.

The concept is simple...replace existing bottled water coolers with our unique Bottle-Free water cooler, for lease. Imagine leasing just 1000 of these Bottle-Free office water coolers for only $29.99 per month. That's approximately $30,000 in recurring monthly profit and at the same time you're saving businesses and homeowners' money.

This is where you step in.

You show business and home owners how to reduce their costs by eliminating and inventorying of bottled water and still have an unlimited supply of the purest water available.

The residential under-the-sink RO unit is EASY TO INSTALL. If you prefer, train someone to do it for you or you can even hire a plumber. We show you how to maintain and manage the level of your business, so you can enjoy what you enjoy the most - COLLECTING MONEY.

Benefits For A Distributor:

A distributor's product line includes these TOP QUALITY products at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES:

  1. Bottle-Free Water Coolers
  2. Whole house water filtration systems
  3. Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems
  4. Under the sink and countertop filtration devices
  5. And many other water filtration products and parts

As our distributor you make money these three ways:

  1. Selling or leasing the products
  2. Installation and Set-Up Fees
  3. Semiannual filter change required for proper performance and warranty

Features and benefits for your customers:

  • They never run out of water
  • They get the purest water available
  • No more storing bottles or lifting 40 lbs. jugs
  • No more purchasing expensive bottled water
  • For residential customers, no more waiting around for the water man

With a market that has no real competition, this can become a major opportunity for you to earn full-time income without quitting your job.

Our business offers a low entry fee, direct from the manufacturer product pricing, a full ecommerce website, drop shipping and the training and support you need to succeed.

Training and Support

Support and Training are the most powerful tools we can give you. Because knowing and understanding the information and strategies we use allows you to avoid the common mistakes made by many business owners. You can focus more time on expanding your business instead of fixing it.

At our interactive tele-workshop you will learn:

  1. About the easy to understand water filtration products and receive installation and maintenance instructions from a professional in the industry.
  2. About your custom website - how to make changes, pricing models, marketing your website, shopping cart and accepting credit cards.
  3. The do's and don'ts of starting your own business.
  4. Specific marketing techniques and strategies unique to your business.

You will receive the knowledge and confidence to run your new business like a true professional, while avoiding the common mistakes of the average business owner.

We offer 3 different business models to meet everyone's needs.

So get started and apply today...

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This business was created with your success in mind.

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