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Don't slip up on this opportunity!

PosiGrip is a highly profitable, turnkey, home-based business with virtually no competition. Our franchise package includes national advertising, a complete marketing program and no franchise or royalty fees. In addition, because of the new federal mandate you can, as a PosiGrip operator, offer your customers a federal tax credit just for using your cost effective services and they will receive a two-year guarantee. It's easy to say yes to PosiGrip!

The Solution

PosiGrip® is a division of a company with a ten-year proven track record. We offer a new opportunity to treat floors surfaced with ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, concrete and other hard materials with our incredible products. We do tubs and showers too. Our products make these surfaces safer wet than dry.

According to the National Safety Council there are nine million disabling slip and fall injuries every year; that's 25,000 each day. This accounts for 95 million lost workdays per year, representing around 3.5 million dollars per hour every day of the year. Human suffering, time lost, escalating Workmen's Compensation and liability insurance, as well as lawyers' fees, have prompted the federal government to address this tremendous problem. Recently enacted federal legislation provides the potential for enormous fines for businesses with injuries due to slip and fall accidents.

Our Product

PosiGrip reduces the risk and danger of slips & falls, the resulting potential for injury, lawsuits, litigation costs, employee days lost, and fatal falls in bathrooms.

PosiGrip can be used on almost all hard surfaces, such as ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, polished stone, terrazzo, river rock, concrete, quarry tile, porcelain and enamel bathtubs & showers.

How is this possible?

PosiGrip is not a coating that can wear off, but a process that creates a tread design on the mineral surface itself without losing the look or feel of your flooring or the comfort of bathing. PosiGrip will not discolor or change the look of your floor, tile, tub or shower. PosiGrip is quick and easy to apply to your bathtub or shower. It comes with a two-year warranty on your floors and is guaranteed for the life of your tub or shower.

Who needs us?

The list is almost endless - restaurants, motels, theaters, shopping malls, convenience stores, dry cleaners, laundromats, medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, private schools, day care centers, public school systems, amusement arcades, health clubs, bowling alleys, and the list goes on and on. Now you have the opportunity to run your own PosiGrip® business from home, targeting customers like these in your area with a product that will earn a tax credit for them and a first class income for you.


"We have found the product to be very good in improving the abrasiveness of the tiles during wet weather and have no hesitation in recommending this product."

"The design feature of our glazed tile made for some unique problems, but after your treatment process to our floors, the slipping problems have ceased. Our goal was to provide an area to our customers that would allow them to safely access our Post Office, and it worked!"
U.S. Postal Service

"We are very satisfied with the result of PosiGrip ®. Our tubs had a gray, dingy color to them especially on the bottom where the slip resistant strips used to be. Guests always thought our bathtubs were dirty because of the color. Not only are our tubs clean, they are slip resistant as well. The guests have less chance to fall now, and that reduces our headaches of unnecessary lawsuits and expenses."
Comfort Inn

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