Pak Mail Franchise Business Opportunity

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The PAK MAIL Franchise Opportunity

Pak Mail is a one-stop shop that provides packaging, shipping and business support services. Most of America needs and will use the services we provide. Growth Potential is what Pak Mail is all about.

Pak Mail will give you the most requested range of Revenue Centers--a range that our Corporate Research and Development Managers are constantly expanding and perfecting.

Pak Mail provides specialty crating and international shipping, as well as private mailbox rental and business support services. The true power of a Pak Mail franchise lies in its ability to provide services in a way that No One Else can. Our mail processing services encompass far more than the rental of a mailbox. Early morning delivery, mail call-in, mail forwarding, and package receiving all create Added Value for your Pak Mail Center.

Packing and shipping supplies, and our unique modular store design enhance your Pak Mail's marketability. Every center's retail merchandising program is designed for Maximum Opportunity For Success.

Pak Mail name-brand loyalty and consumer awareness bring more customers to you. And the Market-Tested Pak Mail operating system and marketing program bring them back again and again. To a virtually unlimited market of Business Customers, your Pak Mail store is their packaging/shipping department and mail room, their support staff, their source of supplies, and their duplication and faxing center.

To Individual Consumers in search of speed and convenience, your Pak Mail store is a highly attractive alternative to the Post Office, as well as an easy source for professional packing, shipping, supplies, and unparalleled customer service.

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