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The Pain Care Associates were founded 15 years ago by Dr Dean Banks in Florence South Carolina. What started as both an Urgent Care facility and Pain Management Clinic has evolved into the Prototype Pain Management Center and this concept. Having expanded upon this model to now overseeing 4 clinics, we have decided to offer this lucrative Business Model and all of our protocols to individuals who have a similar vision to ours in serving the more than 50 million Americans who experience chronic pain.

With Pain being the 2nd biggest reason why people visit Doctors today and the fact we as Americans are living longer, this industry is expected to realize significant growth over the next 10 years. Now is the time to look at this amazing opportunity, as we have successfully launched our franchised brand that will enable investors to get involved within the Medical Field through this unique concept.

What Do We Offer

  • Operating prototype (Has been proven and has been reproduced 5 times)
  • Billing software system offering ongoing support and around the clock assistance as well as training
  • Operationally sound with multiple revenue streams
  • An extensive training program that ensures you understand the business
  • The ability to enter into the Medical Industry at very little cost of entry
  • A unique business & Marketing Model that provides a steady patient flow
  • A Management system and suite that allows you to run your business utilizing statistical information
  • An efficient Layout & Design that allows you to run this business in as little as 1700 Square Feet, which significantly reduces overhead
  • A financial package that allows lower cost of entry to our franchisees because of a capital equipment leasing agreement we have put into place
  • Extensive knowledge of the Licensing & Accreditation process to enable a smooth transition into the insurance billing industry. This will be done for you
  • A complete list of equipment, supplies and building materials along with negotiated rates with approved vendors
  • Field support as it relates to finding a location that is right for your business as well as lease negotiation expertise to enable you to streamline this process
  • A Discovery Day process to allow you to come visit our clinics as well as our corporate office in order to meet the people behind the Company and to thoroughly review the opportunity
  • An Introductory Priced Area Development Program that allows investors to own a territory and share in the growth and overall profitability of the company. This is a well kept secret in franchising
  • A streamlined recruiting & interviewing process to ensure you find a Doctor with the same vision and goals as yours
  • The overall knowledge and experience to allow both physicians and non-physician owners alike the opportunity to work on their business and not in their business, in an industry that is absolutely exploding


According to the American Pain Foundation, more than 50 million Americans experience chronic pain. Back pain, headache, and joint pain caused by osteoarthritis are the most common chronic pain syndromes. The experience of chronic pain exacts a huge toll on the individual and the family. Pain may prevent a person from working, socializing, or enjoying a family life. It is associated with depressed mood and a poor quality of life. The consequences for society include lower productivity for businesses and a cost of billions of dollars each year. The high prevalence of chronic pain, combined with its enormous cost, make unrelieved pain a huge public health problem. It is remarkable that so little attention has been focused on this problem in years past. Fortunately, this is now changing. The U.S. government has designated the next ten years as the "Decade of Pain Control and Research".

ABC NEWS HEALTH REPORT STATES ... Since more than 11 million Americans report pain as a significant disability, there's no question that pain management is big business for healthcare practitioners today, and one area that market watchers need to understand. When viewed globally, there is a large underserved population for pain management treatments, which indicates growth in what is now a 26 billion-dollar plus industry.

Pain management will continue to be an important facet of health care as America's baby boomers age and more of them develop chronic illness. Studies found that 1 in every 5 Adult American's experiences pain. Pain may be inevitable for all of us at some point, but suffering is optional, thanks to modern-day advancements in the pain management market.


If you as an investor have been looking for that certain opportunity that would enable you to break into a Niche market that has exceptional growth and is vastly underserviced ... You owe it to yourself to look further at The Pain Care Associates. To discuss this opportunity in more detail, request more information in order to set up a time whereby we can answer your questions and share with you what just may be the most exciting concept to hit franchising in the past decade.

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