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How OpenWorks Cleaned up the Facility Maintenance Service Industry

Setting the standards for facility services, OpenWorks is a commercial cleaning franchise company that excels. OpenWorks was founded in 1983 by Eric Roudi, CEO, based on the sole principle of creating an organization that thrives on the spirit of entrepreneurship through strong management systems. Today, our combination of premium service and dedication in the hands of our management team, employees and franchisees, has transformed our humble beginnings to the industry leader that we are today.

The industry standard.

OpenWorks has grown to become a regional facility maintenance service organization with more than 400 business owners servicing more than 1,500 facilities. We pride ourselves on having developed a superior, comprehensive training program. Our ongoing training emphasizes technical and managerial skills required to develop successful business owners. With a strong management team leading the company, we have elevated our franchised commercial cleaning services a step above the industry standards - or expectations.

Cutting edge technology.

At OpenWorks, we strive to remain on the leading edge of our industry. That's why we believe in investing in state-of-the-art technology. Developed and perfected over time, our proprietary management information system software is an integrated set of applications designed to fully automate our customer service, sales and accounting functions.

A model for success.

The OpenWorks system has created an efficient and responsive business model that helps lower our operating costs. This directly translates into savings not only for our customers, but also into potential higher income for our business owners and their employees. When it comes to all of these people, OpenWorks is about fostering growth, success and providing premium service that makes all types of buildings better places to work.

Opportunity is all around you.

The explosive growth of the $73 billion facility services industry has a huge and positive impact on OpenWorks and its franchisees. Everywhere you look, there are new buildings. And they all have one thing in common: they must be cleaned and maintained on a daily basis.

Since 1983, OpenWorks has seized the opportunity that grows with each new building! An OpenWorks franchise is not just about cleaning buildings when employees go home at the end of the day - it's about harnessing your own professional motivations and teaming them up with a recognized leader. It's about joining an innovative organization that is working hard to revolutionize an industry.

Our business strategy has lifted facility services out of the commodity category. As an OpenWorks franchisee, you are providing services that are now seen as an essential part of business. The services you provide will help make all the buildings around you better places to work. That's something that has real value in the eyes of today's businesses.

The OpenWorks advantage.

The opportunities in the facility services industry are popping up all around you! And to help you take advantage of them, we have created a business model that is forever changing the way customers view facility services. It's all about giving you the tools to meet their needs. And that's why OpenWorks works so hard. For you ... your customer ... and your future.

Why OpenWorks works:

  • Endless opportunity provided by all the buildings around you.
  • A program that frees you from the traditional franchise hassles.
  • A customer-focused philosophy that helps build profitable relationships.
  • The operational and technical strength of an industry leader.
  • A range of services that meet all of your customers' facility needs.

Freedom to help you run your business - better!

Unlimited opportunity isn't the only thing that makes the OpenWorks franchise program so promising. As an OpenWorks franchisee, you won't face the hassles that are associated with traditional franchise programs. Instead, you'll enjoy a number of refreshing freedoms - to help you run a better business.

Freedom from selling.

OpenWorks provides you with your initial customers, and if you desire, will continue to provide you with future business. (As described in our Uniform Franchise Offering Circular.)

Freedom from inventory.

With OpenWorks, you won't have any inventory to sell. You're simply providing a service that is needed on a daily basis.

Freedom from administrative headaches.

OpenWorks does your invoicing and collecting for you.

Freedom from location concerns.

You don't have to make a critical real estate decision or investment, and hope that it will attract the customers you need. You are free to go wherever your business takes you in your region.

Committed to you and your business.

At OpenWorks, we're not here just to sell you a franchise. We believe in fostering entrepreneurial growth and establishing long-lasting customer relationships. Our progressive business model, with its intense focus on customer satisfaction, was designed to help you and your business thrive.

Why the OpenWorks model works:

  • Empowers you to work more closely with your customers.
  • Helps you better understand their facility needs.
  • Provides you with the tools you need to meet those needs.

How to use our experience to your best advantage.

As an OpenWorks franchise owner, you'll be supported by a proven and forward-thinking corporation. OpenWorks is a leader in training, MIS technology, operations and business development. We know this business inside and out. And after years of growth, we are a multi-state organization that is continuing to expand in every direction.

Now, we use this strength and experience to your advantage. Our powerful organization, fused with your professional enthusiasm, is a dynamic combination. You'll see the benefits of it - and your customers will, too.

In fact, it is this blend of corporate strength and entrepreneurial spirit that has resulted in our high level of customer loyalty. The size and strength of OpenWorks also translates into buying power. As a result, you'll realize special cost-efficiencies when you purchase or lease your equipment and when you buy your supplies.

What sets you apart is your versatility.

As an OpenWorks franchisee, you'll have the opportunity to offer a broad range of facility services to meet your customers' many needs. As their needs evolve, we will train you so that you can become an expert in additional services or can outsource those services as required.

Range of Services

  • Regular Cleaning Service
  • Carpet & Uphostery Service
  • Hard Floor Surface Maintenance
  • Marble & Stone Care
  • High Tech Clean Rooms
  • Pressure Washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Day Porter Service
  • Handyman Service
  • Supply Inventory Management Program
  • A Variety Of Others

Types of Facilities

  • Single & Multi-Tenant
  • Technology
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Manufacturing & Warehouse
  • Hospitality
  • Financial Institutions
  • And more!

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