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Formed in 1998, Clockwork Home Services, Inc. (CHS) aims to build nationally branded franchises for nearly all home services contractors. Customer service is the dominant and defining theme throughout the entire CHS community. We offer superior technical service with respect for the customer's home, time and budget. Homeowners receive punctual service with fair and consistent pricing backed by a full guarantee.

Our rapidly growing national network of franchises and company owned facilities deliver exceptional customer service and technical excellence, build brand awareness and value, and offer many hard working small business owners and contractors an opportunity for greater financial comfort, success, and happiness.

The advantages to contractors of being a Clockwork franchisee are numerous. In addition to teaching contractors how to generate greater revenue in the most efficient way, Clockwork offers more freedom and enjoyment as well as the same kind of benefits and retirement programs available at large corporations. Clockwork contractors have access to state-of-the-art, private label equipment at affordable prices through the company's wholesale distributor BuyMax. Through Clockwork systems and business process software applications, contractors can sidestep the types of "business surprises" that can plague an individual small business owner. And Clockwork's robust marketing and communications efforts ensure strong brand affinity and high visibility wherever a franchise is located.

Customer service is the dominant and defining theme for all Clockwork franchisees and Affinity Group members. Through various company-run training programs, contractors and small business owners are instilled with the ability to provide superior technical service in a manner that is respectful of the customer's home, budget and time. Clockwork also provides extensive technical training through The Success Academy™.

As a result, Clockwork contractors are punctual and provide fair and consistent pricing options for services rendered. Homeowners that use Clockwork contractors do so with the full confidence that they are inviting into their home a trustworthy, highly capable technician who will get it right the first time around. Homeowners also have the comfort of knowing that all work performed by a Clockwork contractor is backed by a full guarantee. The Clockwork philosophy embraces the importance of Time - the homeowner's and the contractor's. With this in mind, Clockwork continues to expand its network of franchises nationwide, delivering maximum levels of customer and technical service and, in the process helping small business owners and contractors gain a measure of financial comfort, success and happiness. Clockwork builds branded companies in the home services market with a laser focus on superior customer service and technical knowledge.

In the past century, many corporate successes were achieved by offering the customer timesaving innovations brought to them by well thought out branded businesses. Frequently, these businesses developed in highly fragmented markets or through technological advances. Clockwork will capitalize on both.

Clockwork, with its branded HVAC offering One Hour Air Conditioning® ("Always on time or you don't pay a dime"®) offers the consumer ON-TIME delivery of service or they don't pay. This offer can be met because of systems, culture and technology. None of the small "mom and pop" shops in the HVAC sector have been able to provide this service.

None of the small "mom and pop" shops in the HVAC sector have been able to provide this service. By advertising this branded message, we own the mental real estate surrounding ON-TIME service in the customer's mind.

The commitment to acquire a territory and operate a franchise is a big one - but your commitment is matched by our dedication to the success of each and every franchisee.

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