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Oil Can Henry's is a fast-growing franchise with a powerful brand, proven operating system and in-depth training program. Dedicated to providing our customers with convenient preventative vehicle maintenance services they can trust, we earned the loyalty of consumers throughout the nation.

The Best of Both Worlds

Oil Can Henry's is an independent company, so we are free to grow our business in the manner we feel is best. However, we are also a valued strategic partner of Castrol, the British Petroleum (BP) subsidiary respected world-wide for its premium quality, high performance and leading edge technology in motor oils and automotive lubricants. So, our franchisees enjoy "the best of both worlds."

An Industry Innovator

At Oil Can Henry's, we work hard to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit that got us started and has fueled our controlled, sustained growth. We drive innovation, constantly looking for new, better ways to serve our customers. Our proprietary CastrolCam system was developed to help us earn our customers' trust. The CastrolCam video monitor, positioned next to the driver's window, provides live views of our technicians at work under the hood and under the vehicle, enabling customers to watch the entire service.

A Powerful Brand

It's no accident Oil Can Henry's is known as "The One You Can Trust". We have carefully crafted a dynamic, powerful brand by diligently managing all aspects of our business. We're focused on facilities, employees, operating procedures, and marketing. And we're always looking for ways to improve the way we do business. As a result, we stand out in an industry awash with mega-corporation attitudes and look-alike companies with forgettable names.

The Oil Can Henry's brand is unique. Oil Can Henry's is personified by Henry, the kind, welcoming gentleman on our logo. Henry represents our commitment to quality, old-fashioned service that people can trust.

Our Service Is Superior

We let our customers remain in their vehicles, where they can watch and listen as our friendly, trained technicians complete the services they request. Our CastrolCam video monitor provides live views of the service as it occurs under the hood and under the vehicle. As we like to say, "Seeing is believing and you can believe in us. Oil Can Henry's. The One You Can Trust."

We involve our customers in the service by reviewing their service options with them, and providing them with their vehicle manufacturers' recommended service schedules. This enables us to communicate with them throughout the service and to earn their trust. The result is impressive customer loyalty - and increased sales.

Our Technicians Make the Difference

Oil Can Henry's technicians are required to follow strict standards for a well-groomed, clean appearance and a positive approach to customers. The distinctive Gatsby hat and bow-tie and attractive shirt, pants and jacket support our brand positioning and remind customers that we're detail-oriented. As a result, our technicians have developed a well-earned reputation for friendly, professional attitudes and efficient service.

Our Customers Come Back

We are emphatic about earning our customers' trust. That's because we know once we've done that, we will also earn their repeat business. Customers look for a convenient service facility close to home. They want to be confident that knowledgeable, courteous technicians will service their vehicles. And they want that service to be quick and efficient. At Oil Can Henry's, we give our customers all they expect, and more. We know they will be back.

The Training Never Stops

After completion of the hands-on five-week automotive theory and procedures courses, Oil Can Henry's managers and franchise owner-operators receive training on all aspects of running a successful business, including day-to-day operations, purchasing, inventory control, scheduling, financial controls, advertising, and employee motivation. In addition, Oil Can Henry's provides on-site assistance and training on a regular basis to ensure center employees are confident and effective.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

At Oil Can Henry's, we work hard to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit that got us started and has fueled our controlled, sustained growth. We drive innovation, constantly looking for new, better ways to serve our customers. We have developed unique customer relationship programs and marketing approaches that differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Involved in Our Community

We strongly believe in the importance of community. In fact, we encourage franchisees to tie-in with local charities, clubs and events, and play an active role within their communities. At Oil Can Henry's, we strive to do more than merely contribute to our neighborhoods. We're here to grow with them.

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