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National Water Surveying Franchise Opportunity Information:

Using electro-seismic technology National Water Surveying can locate well water before drilling a well! Depth, Quality, and Yield! We can see beneath the ground!

The NWAS Franchise Opportunity

Low start-up, extensive training, and continued franchise support. Because NWAS, INC. holds the exclusive purchase rights to the technology used by our company, no one can use or implement this service except for an NWAS, INC. franchisee. NWAS franchises are awarded only on the basis of a 150 mile radius of distance between one another, though you have the option to service the entire state in which you live. Now that's security for your future!

Join Our Team

"Our franchise was two years old in April 2004 and we are even more excited now than we were in the beginning about our equipment and the opportunity that it gives us to help people who need to find water for the first time and for those who have had the misfortune of drilling a dry hole. We have seen the EKS equipment prove itself over and over again for our clients. We would without hesitation purchase this franchise if we had to do it all over again."
Mike & Cindy Merritt, NWAS of Central West and South West Oregon

Benefits to choosing National Water Surveying

  • Exclusive U.S. Purchase Rights for Electro-Seismic System
  • Manufacturing License Granted for North America
  • Leader in our Industry, i.e.) Competitive Edge
  • Full Operational Training Helping to Ensure Profitability & Success
  • Pre-opening and On Going Support
  • Management Tools
  • Marketing Support
  • Professionally Created Marketing Materials
  • National Advertising
  • State of the Art Operating System
  • We have the only technology that sees the water - other "water location" technologies see only the rock formation. This doesn't do any good if the aquifer is a dry one.
  • Trusted Known Advertised Logo & Trade Name
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Control of Your Future Financial Security

What does National Water Surveying (NWAS) do?

  • We provide mapping (profiling) & Location of ground water (aquifer) depth, thickness, and quality to assist in planning new well sites.
  • Reports predicting well yield
  • Reports identifying polluted or (high saline) areas
  • Investigate polluted sites non-invasively, limiting boreholes
  • Develop contour maps and hydro geological flow model data
  • Map problem zones in major excavation sites
  • Assist in the planning of the large-scale development of dry land agriculture

What does it take?

  • National Water Surveying Franchise start up expenses range from $65,000 to $95,000 this includes franchise fees, equipment, & complete training. Start up cost will vary depending on if franchisee already has a 4X4 vehicle & various pieces of equipment that are available at most hardware/retail stores.
  • National Water Surveying Inc. is seeking highly qualified professional minded individuals to join a family of franchises in the business of locating & mapping ground water. Approval is based on overall personal dedication to entrepreneurship and personal & financial qualifications.
  • National Surveying Inc. wants individuals or partnerships with a high degree of dedication, integrity, business acumen, and enthusiasm.

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