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1-1 Jobs/National Hospitality Recruiting, Inc. (NHR) is the nation's top authority in the field of Hospitality Management Recruiting. We serve Restaurants, Hotels, Country Clubs, and Corporate Foodservice Clients.

National Hospitality Recruiting is a privately held company owned and operated by our Managing Partners; Shareholders living in the communities where our Client's businesses are located.

Our focus is simple - to find the best fit between the top management talent in the industry and our Clients, some of the most successful, growing companies in the U.S.

Whether you're a Management Candidate searching for that perfect career, a Client looking for the best long-term, loyal managers, or an Entrepreneur exploring new business opportunities, now is the time to get on board with NHR!


NHR has created a Managing Partner (MP) program, similar to owning a franchise, but designed with your profits in mind, not the profits of some corporate parent as a franchisee would expect to pay.

As a Managing Partner (MP) you have the prestige of owning the rights to an exclusive territory and controlling an entire division of NHR. Your office can be run by you alone, or developed and grown into a larger operation with more employees as needed.

MPs have very low start-up costs and may be given the option to finance their initial investment for up to two years. All MPs receive their initial training from an in-house recruiting professional with over 6 years full-time recruiting experience, as well as over 20 years in the Restaurant/Hotel industry. This is followed by ongoing training and consultation indefinitely. Training covers both the Client/Account Management, as well as the Candidate side of successful management recruiting.

All of our MPs live in the communities they serve, allowing them to develop strong, long-term relationships with both their Clients and Management Candidates. Many recruiting companies work out-of-state and never meet a single Client, Contact or Candidate. Some even set up phone numbers with local area codes and addresses in the area to give the false impression that they're a local business.

"That's not how we do business at NHR!"

Our forward thinking business model is based on the highest levels of pride and integrity, and our reputation stands alone.

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