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For nearly 50 years, Mr. Transmission, Multistate and Dr. Nick's has been meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. We are known as "The Professionals" when it comes to transmission repair and drive train components! Transmissions are the most complicated system in your car and our technicians have the experience, knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair this system.

If you think you may have a transmission problem, please call or bring your car to one of our national repair facilities for a Free Performance Check! With over 140 Mr. Transmission, Multistate and Dr. Nick's , we provide you with centers nationwide for your transmission needs and carry the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. We truly look forward to serving your needs!

Mr. Transmission was founded as Automatic Transmission Service in 1956, later acquiring Grayson Rose Transmission in 1968. In October 1990 Moran Industries, Inc. acquired the Mr. Transmission team, consisting of 65 active franchise owners and relocated the corporate offices to Midlothian, Illinois. In less than one year, Mr. Transmission grew to 85 service centers.

Moran Industries, Inc. has continued to acquire additional transmission centers, strengthening its position in the automotive service market. This Network of Centers also includes Mr. Transmission®, Atlas Transmission®, and Dr Nicks Transmissions®. We provide you with over 140 centers nationwide for your transmission needs with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

While opportunities for additional expansion are being explored daily, we understand that growth in numbers must be accompanied by enhanced customer services and an on going commitment to the tried and true business basics that have made Mr. Transmission a success: Top quality workmanship, fair prices, and friendly professional customer service.

We believe that doing an honest job for people is just good business. That is why our distinctive trademark has become a symbol of a successful, nationwide franchise system. It has made us one of the fastest growing companies in the industry: providing every member of the transmission team with unlimited opportunities.

Automotive Industry Profile

Since the early 1900's, the auto industry has been driving North America.

Every year, record numbers of dollars are spent developing new vehicle designs and technologies. And every year, additional millions are spent encouraging consumers to "take the plunge" with a more advanced, more luxurious, more high-performance vehicle.

Through their very existence, automakers have created a vast aftermarket economy that supports and maintains consumer needs to have existing and new vehicles tweaked, repaired and enhanced. This aftermarket economy addresses needs that range from the replacement of an entire engine to the need for a tune-up to the purchase of a pine-scented air freshener to hang on the rear-view mirror.

Moran Industries, Inc. occupies a strategic position in the automotive aftermarket, providing entrepreneurs with the means to capture their share of the billions of dollars being spent annually.

With over 150 million vehicles on the road, and millions more filling the new vehicle sales pipeline, there will always be a need for the aftermarket products and services provided by Mr. Transmission franchises.

Look closely at exactly how much is being spent every year. Think about the opportunity that awaits businesses with the right combination of products, service and operational savvy.

Then remember this: every day, the number of vehicles on the road increases. And that means, every day, there's an even greater opportunity for you to build a successful automotive aftermarket business through Moran Industries.

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