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One of the most pressing needs of the "self-banked" is converting their hard earned paychecks into cash on payday. A recent Federal Reserve Bulletin estimated that 28% of all working-class households have the need for paycheck cashing services. Mr. Payroll is a multi-state network of check cashing locations either in store fronts or conveniently place within an existing retail center. These compact financial service centers provide fast and convenient check cashing, money orders, bill paying, money transfers and other necessary services at one location for a low cost.

The combination of company-owned sites and independently owned franchised locations has spread this needed service to convenience stores in twenty states. Mr. Payroll sites occupy major oil company stores like TEXACO, CONOCO, BP and TOTAL to name a few. Additionally, Mr. Payroll kiosks are hosted by regional operators such as Toot 'n' Totum, Allsups, Cracker Barrel, EZ Mart and Jet 24. Franchised locations are owned by individuals as well as convenience store operators. The Mr. Payroll kiosk is a boon to the convenience store because it adds customers inside the store with cash in hand.

In these compact and secure units, a friendly cashier services the financial needs of the neighborhood with the use of a proprietary computer system that performs each transaction quickly and accurately. Repeat customers can cash their paycheck in less than a minute. Additional financial services are being added to the Mr. Payroll system. Almost 150 locations currently display the red, white and blue of Mr. Payroll's brightly colored sign.

Mr. Payroll Franchise Opportunities

When examining any franchise investment, it is important to gather the facts, analyze the risks and make an informed decision. The following facts will provide basic information on the growing demand for non-bank check cashing, the Mr. Payroll system and our strategy for serving this market.

There is much more to consider before either Mr. Payroll or you will be prepared to make a decision. You must be fully informed about all aspects of the franchise investment. We must know more about your capabilities and needs. The franchise discovery process we follow allows both parties to gather facts in an orderly manner.

By combining the information you will receive with your personal judgment and experience, you will be able to create a business plan, forecast and operating budget. Whether you are a C-store operator or you are interested in becoming an independent check casher in a host C-store, the Mr. Payroll program has the tools you need to be successful.

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