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Established in 2008, Monster Tree Service® has quickly become the most trusted, successful and recognized tree service franchise in the nation. We’re a national brand with local experts.

Monster Tree Service® is a home-based franchise opportunity that offers Monstrous Benefits:

  • Scalable growth (Increase crews for more profit)
  • Great profit margins
  • Set your own schedule
  • The Home Office will recruit franchisees local employees
  • State-of-the-art-revenue-producing marketing
  • Offset annual profits with up to $500K/year of tax-deductible equipment purchases
  • Turn-key model – You’ll be taught everything you need to know about tree service

Minimal Risks

  • Technology Resistant – Amazon CANNOT compete
  • Sustainable Service – there will always be trees!
  • No Brick & Morter rent/leases/maintenance
  • High repeat customers/sales


A Monster Tree Service® franchise presents a professional image with national brand recognition in an industry still dominated by Mom & Pops.

Uniformed, insured and licensed crews, highly visible branded vehicles, state-of-the-art equipment, Estimates in Hours, Not Days™ all make Monster Tree Service® stand out from the crowd in a profession that needs and responds to our distinctive professionalism.

To make sure we remain the leader in the Tree Care Industry, we operate our own successful, multi-million dollar Monster Tree Service® and continually test new products, equipment, and marketing techniques – so you don’t have to – and then apply what we learn and perfect for everyone’s benefit.

Is Monster Tree Service® right for you?

You don’t need experience in the tree care or landscape industry, but you do need:

  • A Strong Work Ethic
  • Excellent Management and Communication Skills
  • The Ability to Work Well With People
  • Acceptable Financial Resources

Your Monster Tree Service® business will offer much-needed and high-repeat tree and plant care services to both residential and commercial customers, and you’ll have the opportunity to bid on and enter into local government contracts.

You can choose to run the day-to-day operations as an owner-operator, or stand back and manage one or more territories as a multi-location franchise owner or Area Developer.

You’ll have the very best Initial and Ongoing Training in the industry, and the support of field and office staff with decades of experience.

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