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The Nation's Leading Digital Surveillance System Franchise is a home-based business with tremendous earnings potential. With the advancements in digital technology, the quality of surveillance systems has significantly improved while the cost of equipment has continuously decreased. With the availability of hi-speed ISPs and personal computers both at the home and office, it is now possible to monitor surveillance cameras from anywhere at anytime. The customer base is unlimited and includes; day care centers, schools, assisted living facilities, any retail business, apartment complexes, multi-unit fast food restaurants, hotels, private residences and much more.

In addition to marketing digital surveillance systems (at highly competitive prices), our franchisees offer a very affordable Internet-based subscription service to access our surveillance systems via our host website, For example, a day care center can advertise, as an added service, viewing of their customers' children via the Internet so that a working mother can watch her baby sleeping, eating or playing. The day care center will then have a competitive advantage by featuring enhanced security with digital recording, better employee productivity, a strong deterrent for inappropriate behavior and, perhaps most appealing, an additional source of income with our company's Multi-user Pricing PlanSM.

The three most exciting components of the franchise are:

  • Residual monthly income
  • No inventory to maintain
  • No employees to manage

Get in the business - no excuses!

You do not require any technical experience of security or surveillance systems. Everything you need to know about running your own successful home-based business is provided when you purchase a franchise. Your package includes a comprehensive four-day classroom style training program for you and one guest, hosted at our corporate offices in Cincinnati, Ohio. You will also receive a full range of marketing tools guaranteed to launch you on the road to successful business ownership.

Our on-going support program is second to none and includes:

Franchisee QuickConnect

Our proprietary ID and password protected website area, Franchisee QuickConnect, makes exchanging information and reporting quick and easy.

Annual Meetings and Conferences

Guest speakers, new product launchings, new marketing materials, incentive programs, milestone awards and the exchange of successful business ideas are just a few of the benefits of participation.

Operational Field Visits

Scheduled by request (and with a nominal fee), a member of our operations support staff will spend up to three full days at your office location helping you as needed.

Referral and Incentive Programs

From our website Services Locator, to other franchise location cash incentive referrals, is continuously working on ways to generate more income for you.

You can learn more about the franchise by participating in one of our regularly scheduled corporate visits in Cincinnati, where you will learn first-hand why this business is for you and the great opportunities it provides.


"Getting involved in selling digital surveillance equipment was appealing to me because I experienced the competition first hand and I knew that there could be a better solution for the consumer. I was looking for a surveillance system for one of my other businesses and found that there was not a professional company providing digital surveillance equipment for small and medium sized businesses and doing it right. We discovered that's equipment, prices, focus on customer service, and professional marketing materials was filling the void. Even though we all had vast business experience, we choose to go with a franchise verses starting our own surveillance business simply because the marketing that provides is second to none. The cost to develop the caliber of marketing tools and programs that the company already has developed would be extremely expensive. We also felt that as the franchise grows nationally, our location will benefit from brand recognition."

"The support from the corporate office has been outstanding! The staff goes above and beyond and gives us individual attention from designing signage to technical support. Everyone has gone out of his or her way to aid in our success. The franchise features that we have taken advantage of most have been the marketing programs, legal contracts/documents, and tech. support. This gives my team more time to focus on sales. We are now working towards expanding our franchise location into multiple territories."
Steve Busch, Owner City, Location # 1001

"After starting and operating a couple of businesses you learn what expenses and time stealers to avoid in a new startup. After reviewing several options, I realized the things that were the biggest time stealers were actually offered through the franchisor such as marketing material, support staff, and training of the marketplace and product. Even after paying the royalties, it was a better investment than hiring a staff and creating my own marketing materials. To have a support staff in-house and to develop all the marketing, the right way, is a huge expense that small business owners don't always consider. So my business model looked a lot better when I plugged in the franchise cost vs. a stand-alone start up."

"The franchise has been what I expected, GREAT! I did a lot of research before signing up with the company and after my visits and some test scenarios, I felt would deliver what they said they would, and so far they have in every area. I mentioned a promotional idea and Denise Donahue jumped in and put it all together with a great look. I would have paid thousands to a marketing agency to develop the same piece. A couple of times I needed to get quick help and I mentioned it to Tom Wein and he had it taken care of that same day. Everyone there has gone out of his or her way to make me successful."

"The marketing material is what got me to visit in the first place and the support kept me. I did a lot of research before starting and I found no one offering the customer service and great products like My son AJ coordinates our installs, and if he has any questions he knows all he has to do is call the 24/7 technical support line and he gets immediate help and answers."

"The security and surveillance industry is experiencing rapid growth. On every bid I have submitted thus far, I have been either the best price or right in the ballpark and once the customer sees our company's commitment to service, I get the sale. I am seeing about an 85% closing rate."

"The only regret I have so far is that we didn't get started sooner!"
Marty Williams, Owner IN/Louisville NE, Location # 1018

"Beyond the overall goal of wanting to be an entrepreneur there are two main reasons why we chose"

"The first reason the company's product and marketing plans. The camera systems and support services are unique to the surveillance field. Its packaging and pricing of systems is what sets the product apart from our competitors. The fact that these systems come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 live help for both the franchisee and the customers creates a product that is second to none. Marketing materials available are creative and well designed. has targeted niche markets and has focused the campaign toward these groups. This commitment to marketing is crucial for any product to succeed and continues to push the marketing programs forward."

"The second reason is the staff at They have provided continual support through out the process. wants its franchisees to be successful. That feeling is supported with the fact they you can call them any time for assistance whether it's questions about the products or helping you deliver sales presentations. You truly are supported at all levels. The feeling that wants you to be successful is just as important having a great product to sell."

"These points are the reasons why we purchased the franchise and why we continue to feel good about the investment."
Chris & Trisha Mosser, Owners, Columbus-North, Location #1003

"I was looking for a reasonably priced franchise opportunity that had good market potential. In addition to the concept I chose because of how they stood out from the Security and Surveillance competition. has strong, professional marketing tools that are readily available. These tools work for me and with me in my sales efforts. The staff at is always there for guidance as I grow my business. This has been invaluable especially in the start-up phase of my franchise."
Dan Keating, Owner, Cincinnati-East, Location #1002 & #1005

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