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Are you a contractor looking for a sure-fire way to maximize your business?

Residential Electrical Service - the Retail side of our trade

In 1996 Patrick Kennedy started Mister Sparky, America's On-Time Electrician. Ten years later Mister Sparky is one of the largest residential electrical service companies in the country. One shop alone will see between 85-100 customers every day. Here's the best part - residential customers pay immediately when the work is done. No more, 'wait for my money' mess.

How are you doing in business today? Are you in construction and worrying about making payroll and paying bills? Or are you doing service work but you haven't got it all figured out yet?

Mister Sparky Can Work for You, Too!

Now this business is open to you. Come see the operational systems that will give you freedom - freedom to run the business instead of the business running you.

Let us share with you how this business can set you free from the daily grind. When you visit the Mister Sparky shop in Atlanta, you will see how you can be a leader in the residential service business.

You will see:

  • Systems that run the employees, not the employees running amok
  • The best stocked, most organized service trucks in the industry
  • How to operate with no money tied up in inventory
  • How to purchase supplies, equipment and services like the big boys, at big discounts

See Why My Employees Love Their Jobs

Miss our Open House and you'll miss meeting Sylvia. Sylvia converts 96% of all incoming calls into appointments. Then there's Tom, an electrician with one of the highest average invoices in the country. He'd love to tell you how he does it. What Connie does will amaze you. She dispatches 39 electricians to 85 -100 customers every day - all by herself!

Don't Miss This Chance

Mister Sparky is not like any electrical company you've ever seen. Each component of the business flows smoothly so that every department and every employee can work together for success. We break sales records every month.

Formed in 1998, Clockwork Home Services, Inc. (CHS) aims to build nationally branded franchises for nearly all home services contractors. Customer service is the dominant and defining theme throughout the entire CHS community. We offer superior technical service with respect for the customer's home, time and budget. Homeowners receive punctual service with fair and consistent pricing backed by a full guarantee.

Our rapidly growing national network of franchises and company owned facilities deliver exceptional customer service and technical excellence, build brand awareness and value, and offer many hard working small business owners and contractors an opportunity for greater financial comfort, success, and happiness.

The commitment to acquire a territory and operate a franchise is a big one - but your commitment is matched by our dedication to the success of each and every franchisee.

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