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A great business for the Executive who has experience in management, sales or human resources and training.

Every now and then, a true opportunity emerges in an industry that seems mature. For those with the insight to recognize the opportunity it can secure a better future for years to come.

Mint Condition Master Franchises is that kind of franchise opportunity. As a Mint Condition Master Franchise you are granted the exclusive rights to a metro of 500,000 and up to develop you business. This is an excellent business for those with management, sales, human resources or training or financial backgrounds.

Commercial Cleaning is a huge industry. Mint Condition brings innovations that allow you to penetrate the market and carve out your share of business. Within your Territory you are responsible for... Selling commercial office cleaning contracts, ...selecting and training the franchises that will perform the services that you have sold. We took out time crafting the Mint Condition Master Franchise Concept and then we field tested the business model by building a dominant commercial janitorial company in a very competitive market. Then, we spent eight years perfection the individual franchise operation systems.

What this means to you is a business that you can build to reach your goals and the market potential in your area.

Why an Executive Level Commercial Cleaning Business?

With all the franchise opportunities available, have you considered a master franchise in the commercial cleaning industry. The industry affords you many benefits, including the potential to make a handsome return on your investment.

The Commercial Cleaning industry is recession resistant. In order to maintain a productive work environment and to project the right image, offices and shops have to be cleaned regularly. Furthermore, due to the high cost of hiring, training and administering employees, it is more cost effective for a business to outsourcing this very necessary service than it is to keep people on staff to clean. Finally, it is a business with an affordable investment, professional work environment and reasonable hours of operation. it is a great industry where your skills and work efforts combined with our innovative business systems can pay big dividends.

Why Mint Condition is the right choice?

Mint Condition has developed a better business model. We have created systems and procedures that allow us to provide more responsive, more consistent and more reliable services to our cleaning clients that is standard in the industry. Business owners when faced with competitive options will choose Mint Condition because we provide them the cleaning services they want, exactly the way they want them performed. This results in higher sales closing ratios for new accounts: higher retention of cleaning clients as well as a more efficient business with higher revenues.

Why being a Master Franchise is the right approach?

We have developed a superior approach to recruiting the individual franchise owner that you can model. Quite simply, our franchise owners are more motivated, better trained and more competent; resulting in better service to the clients, higher client retention an higher franchise retention creating a more profitable and fun business for you. Only you as a Mint Condition Master Franchise will have use of these proven and refined systems.

With Mint Conditions superior approach, it is more practical and lucrative to provide commercial cleaning services to metro markets through a Master Franchise Program. Based on your qualifying, you will be awarded the Master Franchise exclusive territory where you will sell commercial cleaning contract to clients and recruit, train and service the needs of individual franchise owners.

With our superior business model you will have several income centers that include...

...income from cleaning contracts

...income from the sale of franchises in your territory

...income from the sale of equipment and supplies to your franchises

This plan eliminates the headaches of having to hire and keep a large number of employees to provide the cleaning services. In addition, take a look at the additional advantages that you have with a Mint Condition Master Franchise and for this reason we encourage you to take the next steps in exploring this opportunity and learn more about the benefits for you.

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