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Maids to Order, Inc. founded in 1988 and operates as a franchisor of residential and commercial cleaning service offices. While we do have non-U.S. franchised operations, our primary operating focus is on developing a national network of franchised offices throughout the U.S. Each franchised office is independently owned and operated.

Maids to Order was founded by Joe and Lisa Jefferys in 1988. Joe and Lisa operated the Company for years in the Akron, Ohio area as a local residential and commercial cleaning business. During these early years, Joe, Lisa and their staff developed and refined many of the cleaning and management techniques that we still use today.

The Company began franchising in 1992. Due to the Company's limited managerial and financial resources at that time, we had no choice but to grow slowly and primarily focus on developing franchises in Northeast Ohio. Ultimately, this strategy served us well as we focused on (a) optimizing the operational and financial performance of our franchisees and, (b) continuing to refine our business processes and methods. Today, we have franchised territories in 20 states (within the U.S.) and one foreign country.

On July 30, 2004, the Company was acquired by Merrymeeting, Inc. Merrymeeting, which specializes in developing and managing franchise systems, currently owns Maids To Order and two other franchise companies. In total, the three systems have more than 800 franchised locations in North America.

We are very excited about the benefits to be derived from combining Maids to Order's in-depth knowledge of and expertise in the cleaning industry with Merrymeeting's management, technology and financial resources.

To gain a better appreciation for the value offered by Maids to Order, we encourage you to compare our franchise offering to the offerings of other national cleaning franchise systems. In comparing and contrasting the various offerings in the marketplace, we encourage you to focus on the following items:

Proven System - We have been in the commercial and residential cleaning business for 16 years and have been successfully franchising for 12 years. Our "Personal Touch" concept of sending a single maid to a customer's home, week-in and week-out, has proven customer appeal. We have been able to successfully develop cleaning and business concepts that enable our franchisees to provide this service consistently and cost-effectively.

Available Territories - As a franchise system, we are still in the early stages of developing a national organization. We still have prime territories available in large, high density population areas. For example, we currently do not have franchisees in a number of large metropolitan areas, including: Dallas, Houston, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, Cincinnati and Baltimore.

Franchised Territories - Your franchised territory will typically include an entire county, not just a group of zip codes. A larger franchised territory gives you more potential customers and should provide your business with more growth potential.

Initial Franchise Fees - Our initial franchise fees range from $12,500 for a county with a population of less than 75,000 to $57,500 for a county with a population of 600,000 or more. Depending upon the size of your franchised territory, we will finance up to $17,500 of your initial franchise fee; we do not charge interest on the financed/deferred payment portion of your initial franchise fee.

Royalty Fees - Our royalty fees are 5% of your billings; we do not have any ad fees. We encourage you to carefully compare our fees to the fees charged by other franchisors. We believe that we will compare very favorably. In fact, to facilitate your comparison, we will glad to provide you with the fee schedules of many other national cleaning systems.

Training Process, Start-Up Provisions and Ongoing Support - Your initial franchise fee includes a week of training at our corporate offices and a complete stock of supplies to help you start-up your business. We will reimburse you for most, if not all, of your travel expenses related to your training. All of our training and ongoing operational support is provided by experienced cleaning professionals that have successfully owned and operated their own cleaning businesses.

During the past year, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Maids to Order as one of the Top 500 franchises and one of the Top 100 low-cost franchises available in the marketplace.

Given our proven business concepts and the value we provide our franchisees, we believe it is only a matter of time until we achieve the growth and national brand name recognition of other larger cleaning franchise systems. It is an excellent time to become a Maids to Order franchisee!

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