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It's time to clean up with MaidPro!

Can you imagine how your life would be different if you had been in on the ground floor of a trend such as Starbucks coffee shops? Then, can you imagine the opportunity that exists today for business ownership in the residential cleaning industry!

Now is the time to create your own future in an industry that is experiencing truly explosive growth. Today, U.S. consumers spend more than $9 billion a year on residential cleaning, and that spending is growing at a rate of more than 20% each year. And, with MaidPro's proven systems, success is only a question of your own motivation and hard work.

Increased control over your life

No nights. No weekends. No holidays. The housecleaning industry is life-friendly in a way that restaurants and retail are not. Customers want their homes cleaned when they're at work themselves, which means Monday through Friday, 9-5. This creates a manageable schedule for you. MaidPro owners do not clean homes themselves (it's written into the franchise agreement.) We want you to work ON your business, not IN your business, by spending your work hours managing employees, selling new business and thinking about ways to expand and improve.

A reasonable price to be your own boss

One of the lowest costing businesses you can open today is a home cleaning business. Since you are not selling or creating a product, you will not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in inventory or refurbish or remodel a store or restaurant. Your expenses are lowered as you hire only the employees you need.

Steady business and income

Recurring revenue is the hallmark of the cleaning industry. Most customers have weekly or bi-weekly cleanings: you need only supply great service, and your services will continually be needed. The core of your business will be this base of customers who use your service on a regular basis, providing a steady flow of income.

Personal attention with your success in mind

The founders started MaidPro in a small office in Boston, and they are still involved in every aspect of the company. They built MaidPro from the ground up and know first-hand what it's like for others to start, grow and own a MaidPro. The founders have a hands-on approach that keeps them involved in the daily operation of the home office and in touch with every franchise owner. Our owner community is supported through regular conventions, retreats, conference calls, a mentoring program and online discussion forum. MaidPro's home office is always only a phone call away!.

Additional benefits include:

  • Cutting-edge software
  • Real-Time access to your company data
  • Mentoring program and unique support systems such as an outplacement program and Intranet site
  • World-class, creative marketing
  • Winning vendor relationships
  • Exceptional cleaning systems and an obsession with the quality of the cleaning experience
  • Unique website
  • Flexible call center
  • Business model that is easily scalable for multiple offices and several million dollar annual sales
  • Partnership with Procter and Gamble

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