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Magnetsigns is the world's largest sign rental network and we are rapidly expanding. Magnetsigns unique concepts, patented processes and products and powerful systems offer you the real competitive edge. Choosing a business for yourself is an important decision and Magnetsigns is committed to helping you get the information you need about Magnetsigns to make the best decision for your future.

Products & Services

A revolutionary patented advance in portable signs. Our signs use easily changed magnetic letters and graphics. A Magnetsign is a high-quality sign that sets a new standard in the portable and permanent sign industry.

Our Sign Manufacturing

The Magnetsigns design team has developed proven sign products. Here are some of their design criteria:

  • Maximum sign face area - minimum sign structure
  • Design and construction strength to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Security features to prevent theft and vandalism
  • Special coating to maintain the sign's professional appearance and long life
  • Features to allow ease of handling, installation, servicing and maintenance
  • A one person moving system to allow for transporting of up to 12 signs at a time
  • Ensuring the sign is safe and conforms to local regulations

Magnetsigns is the manufacturer of its own signs, which ensures each sign receives our highest quality workmanship.

Our Fluorescent Material

Our design team has overcome many hurdles to produce a fluorescent magnetic material for our signs. This proven material is manufactured specifically for our application and has many qualities, which include:

  • Features to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Special coating to protect the material's professional appearance and long life
  • Qualities that allow ease of handling in all weather conditions
  • The ability to quickly recover damaged material, returning it to new quality
  • Systems and tools to increase manufacturing speed and ease
  • Handling and storage systems for materials

Training & Support

Magnetsigns franchisees receive a personal intensive startup-training program, which includes computer design, sign layout, sales training, moving signs and administration. Ongoing training is offered through regional franchisee forums and onsite franchise visits. We will be offering training in financial analysis, business planning and securing financing soon.

Computer Design & Graphic Production

Designing a crisp clear sign is simplicity itself! Experience in graphic design and production techniques is not required. Magnetsigns comprehensive training program and layout samples CD will assist you to become proficient in no time!

Sign Layout

Working with magnetic letters and graphics is a pleasure. Layout tools and techniques allow even new franchisees to layout professional quality signs. You'll stand back and admire your creations.

Moving Signs Made Easy

New franchisees are introduced to our tools designed to make moving signs easier. The dolly system shown here attaches to the sign stands for quick easy sign moving. A multi sign trailer with overhead crane is available.

Sales Training

Our comprehensive training program includes step-by-step guidance through the sign placement process. You'll learn how to put our professional full-color marketing materials to work in building a long-term customer base.


An overview of all necessary bookkeeping procedures is provided during training. Even those inexperienced in bookkeeping are helped to keep accurate records.

Magnetsigns has ongoing research and development into market trends, new products and services and new production processes. We are committed to finding and implementing cutting edge technology. The franchisee only website will provide you with tremendous support as your direct link with our corporate office and all other franchisees. When you have a winning idea to share or a question to ask, this is a great place to do it. Magnetsigns is working hard to strengthen and grow the Magnetsigns Brand through training and support of its franchisees.

Why Magnetsigns Advertising, Inc?

  • Young, High Growth Industry
  • Reasonable Investment
  • Room to Express Creativity
  • Limited Competition
  • Good Monthly Cash Flow
  • Practically No Bad Debt
  • Very High Repeat Business
  • Proven Patented Process
  • Proven Operating System
  • Income Growth Potential
  • Name Recognition
  • Exclusive Agreement
  • Buying Power
  • Leasing and Financing Assistance
  • Respected Innovative Business

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