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Love. Integrity. Mission. Excellence.
These Are What Make Us LIME Painting.

LIME Painting is the ONLY franchise that focuses solely on the top 5% of high-end homes and businesses. With practically zero competition, LIME Painting is an all-encompassing painting company that resides in the estimated $400 BILLION Home-Improvement Industry. We pride ourselves on taking the time necessary to educate our clients about their options and to provide them with the maximum value for their money.

How Our Business Model Works

LIME Painting does not compete in a saturated space that is filled with numerous painting franchises. Instead, by listening to both customers needs and what they don’t like about the Home-Improvement Industry, we’ve been able to build a solution-driven business model for our affluent customers. High-end properties typically need more than just a fresh coat of paint which is why we offer 15 distinct services:

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Customer New Builders
  • Stucco/Eifs/Dryvit
  • Door Restoration
  • Cabinets
  • Faux Finishes
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Direct to Metal
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Drywall
  • Gutter Replacement
  • EPA Lead Certified
Why Franchise Owners Love The Business

Strong Economics: Our 15 revenue streams present Owners with unlimited potential to generate strong returns. In 2017, our average Gross Revenue was $2,168,435 with a Gross Profit of $455,897! Not only that, since our inception in 2014 we have seen an average of 60% year-over-year sales increases.

Unique Market: The high-end, luxury paint market is an underserved niche in the Home-Improvement Industry which means our Franchise Owners typically have no competition. Our clients own custom properties that have home values within the top 5% in the market and it’s because of this that LIME follows strict project minimums and only uses high-performance products.

Low Cost, Low Overhead, Quick Ramp-Up: Franchise Owners can start their business for under $75,000 and initially do not need employees as all jobs are completed by subcontracted crews. These crews supply all inventory including paint and equipment keeping overhead to a minimum. Not only that, but LIME Painting is also a home-based business, allowing for a quick ramp-up time of 30-90 days!

15 Revenue Streams: No other painting franchise offers the number of revenue opportunities that LIME does. The services we provide are not just paint based, we are also experts in various coatings, stains, drywall repair, and gutters. Our revenue streams include everything a high-end homeowner would need to maintain and perfect the interior and exterior of their homes.

Are You Someone Who...

Is Driven by Values?

There is a force inside of you that drives you to do good, serve others, and put ethics above profits. We are a values-based and values-driven business empire with a heart that is inspired by love and service and it’s important to us that our Franchise Owners are, as well.

Is Community Focused?

As an organization, we want to be more than just providing a service for making money. This is why we created our non-profit, LIME Light Outreach in order to empower the local youth. Our LIME Light model provides our Franchise Owners with an opportunity to give back to their communities without having to spend too much time or money.

Is Business Savvy?

Franchise Owners do not need any prior experience in the Painting or Home-Improvement Industries. Most owners will spend the majority of their time running and managing the business. They’re driven by success and are looking to grow into multiple units.

Wants to Contribute to a Fast-Growing Industry?

The Painting Industry, alone, is worth $40 BILLION. This is an amount that is growing by 4% each year and LIME Painting has created a business model that focuses on the most lucrative segments in the industry - luxury homes. Typically, the average painting business charges $2,723 per job. Here at LIME, our average ticket is over $13,000.

Is Looking for Freedom and Flexibility?

It’s important to find a healthy work-life balance, no matter what your job is. Our business model provides our Franchise Owners both the freedom and the flexibility necessary to build a stable and successful business.

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