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At Lee Myles Transmissions, "Complete Customer Satisfaction" is more than just a cliché'.

As the oldest transmission specialty repair business in the Nation, we have built and maintained our reputation by providing professional transmission repair services, along with complete and courteous customer care.

The Lee Myles Transmission Service Center Franchise Opportunity provides shop owners with a proven business model and the position to take advantage of the resurgent growth of the transmission service and repair industry.

At Lee Myles transmissions we are proud of our heritage.

Franchise Opportunity

The necessity to pinpoint and position yourself in the right business for our changing times has never been more critical than it is today. Think about it. We live in a world that has increasingly become high tech and high speed. What worked yesterday, won't necessarily work tomorrow. Especially when choosing a franchise business to achieve your financial freedom and success.

You need one with a proven level of performance that will bridge the gap between yesterday's technology and business concepts and those of the future.

The service and repair segment of the automotive aftermarket is successful today and will continue to be in the future owing to some very solid factors: The cost of new cars continues to skyrocket and thus, consumers are keeping them longer than ever. With the improvements in vehicle quality and durability seen in the last decade, the age of the vehicle fleet in America is ever increasing.

Today's consumers demand value for their money. They're finding it far more cost effective to repair their vehicles than to replace them every few years. In addition, the rising cost of new cars has driven up the price and demand for pre-owned vehicles. Purchasers of used cars expect them to last longer and are willing to invest in their care and maintenance. Let's face it; the busy consumer of the 21st century will not have the time nor the inclination to fool with a car that doesn't give good service. They want it fixed right by experts whose name they have come to know and trust.

In short: The 21st century consumer is committed to keeping a well-maintained vehicle on the road as long as possible, rather than incurring the expense of a new car. This change in consumer consciousness, coupled with the high level of technology involved in maintaining and repairing transmissions, opens up tremendous opportunities for Lee Myles Transmission Centers. With decreasing numbers of general repair facilities having the capability or the desire to repair transmissions, specialists like Lee Myles are capturing an ever-growing share of that market. As a Lee Myles franchisee, you would be uniquely positioned to take advantage of the resurgent growth of the transmission service and repair industry.

Lee Myles' proven track record as "The most trusted name in transmissions since 1947" is reflected in its commitment to honesty, integrity, and complete customer and franchisee satisfaction.

Marketing Strategy

Lee Myles sets itself apart from the competition with its innovative and trend setting concepts. At the heart of its strategy is its "Grass Roots Support". From field consultants to area developers, from toll free help numbers to seminars and classes presented by the top sales and management trainers in the transmission industry, your continued success is our number one priority.

We begin by providing knowledgeable and resourceful assistance in selecting the location of your new center. This stage of the Lee Myles business experience is ultimately one of the most critical keys to success. Although geographic markets may differ in scope, each new location considered for a Lee Myles center is carefully researched to meet stringent guidelines. Demographics, population density, automobile registrations, traffic flow, and advertising requirements are essential factors considered for successful market development.

Whether a new center will be constructed or an existing structure will be converted to a Lee Myles Transmission Center, the exteriors of each location are adorned with highly visible signage - offering instant name recognition and credibility to consumers.

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