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What is KID-FIT?

KID-FIT is a licensed curriculum that teaches children ages 2-5 the basics of healthy lifestyle habits. Through an age appropriate physical fitness class, KID-FIT teaches sports skills, gymnastics, dance, rhythm, and creative movement while enhancing muscular strength, endurance, heart health and flexibility. Children use fun equipment like scarves, bean bags, hoops and balls while learning about different parts of their bodies. At the end of one year, children will have learned a clear set of goals for each body system. Plus, why it's important to exercise daily and eat healthy. More importantly, KID-FIT kids associate exercise with fun - an exciting first step in helping children enjoy long and healthy lives while decreasing their risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Why Choose KID-FIT over a children's fitness franchise?

  • Who we are. We believe in fitness and health education above marketing a quick, get rich scheme. Our goal is to better as many lives as possible.
  • Fresh every 6 weeks. Children and you never get bored with the music, lessons, activities, recipes, coloring sheets, and extras.
  • Easy to teach. Just follow the step-by-step routine on each session's DVD. Each activity is explained and demonstrated along with do's and don'ts.
  • Structured for comfort. All instructors, regardless of location, teach the same set of activities each session following a yearlong curriculum guide.
  • It works. A national pilot study has just been completed to prove the effectiveness of the KID-FIT program.
  • Start Now. Get your first DVD package, make your own low-cost equipment and start teaching immediately.
  • Price. No other children's fitness program gives you and the children more than KID-FIT. Guaranteed.

What do others think about KID-FIT?

"KID-FIT is one of the best things that has happened here at St. Philomena for our kinder-prep and Kindergarten students. This program is innovative and creative in it's approach and style to health education and fitness. Our students are highly motivated and eager to participate in weekly KID-FIT sessions!"
Sister Veronica Maria, Saint Philomena School, Carson, CA

"These exercise buffs are preschoolers, 2 to 6 years old, and in addition to getting a great workout, they're learning the basic skills for sports and how to take care of their bodies...."
Kimberly Owens, L.A. Parent Magazine

How KID-FIT can make you money?

KID-FIT offers you the freedom to take this successful program wherever you wish for profit. Schools, day care centers, park and recreation centers, gyms, hospitals - wherever there are preschool children. Here's how it adds up for you:

  • Work as much or as little as you wish. You determine your own hours and days off.
  • You set the rates.
  • You keep the profits. No royalty fees.
  • Recover your total investment within months, not years.
  • Get started now. Train-as-you-go system.

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