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Rev Up Revenues with Kart Trax

Indoor go-kart racing offers year-round fun for families and businesses.

Here's an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a booming family entertainment business. Kart Trax Formula Racing brings all the fun and excitement of auto racing to kids of all ages, in a safe, clean, upscale environment with its electric powered go-karts.

Kart Trax has just begun expanding the success of its enormously popular launch facility in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Since opening in June 2004, the Myrtle Beach sight has been home to 50,000 adult and over 18,000 children's races.

If you associate motorized go-karts with outdoor parks and gas-powered engines, be ready for a clean, upscale, surprise. Our model is built upon electric-powered Karts in indoor facilities, and this business has endless advantages over the gas-powered go-kart parks.

An indoor facility means:

Your business can run 365 days a year. No sitting idle for six months a year or even on inclement days.

You can extend your customers' visits by exercising climate control. Your facility will provide air-conditioned relief on hot days and a dry warm environment on rainy or cold days. Climate controlled environments encourage customers to stay longer and potentially spend more in your facility.

You can boost an upscale ambiance. Your clean, aesthetically pleasing facility will entice businesses as well as families to plan events and parties at your location.

Proprietary movable barriers allow different track layouts to be created enticing customers to "Come and try the new track."

Offering year-round employment can attract and keep a better-trained and more reliable staff.

Electric-powered go-kart engines mean:

Environmentally friendly facilities--no noise or air pollution issues to contend with.

No purchasing, storage, handling, or disposing of fuels like gasoline, propane and methanol, and subsequently, no re-fueling of karts.

More efficient and robust engines than gas powered karts, fewer moving parts and therefore, easier maintenance, lowered risk of engine failure, lowered incidences of down-time, more productive time for you and your thriving business.

For safety, Kart Trax proprietary go-karts come equipped with state of the art radio controlled emergency shut-off and speed reduction equipment. Our go-karts also carry a superiorly designed chassis that makes for strong go-karts, which in turn deliver years of service to you.

What Kart Trax franchisees get:

A unique "one stop shop" offered nowhere else in the industry. Kart Trax has partnered with the best providers of equipment, spare parts and operational support services, enabling you to recognize the cost benefits of economies of scale. Our over 25 company wide supplier-relationships span from proprietary go-karts, timing and scoring systems, safety barriers, concession equipment, arcade redemption supplies, liability insurance and spare parts just to name a few.

This all boils down to one great advantage: you get to concentrate on sales.

Our development team can assist you in:

  • Site location
  • Business development
  • Fundraising
  • Financing models
  • Business plan templates
  • Operations software
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering
  • Marketing

Your choice of electric go-karts and products that we offer will be the difference in increasing the bottom line and turning a good profit. Our proven products, hand selected supply chain, excellent service and support, and the "one stop shop" is the difference we offer from other go-kart operations.

Ready to take a spin with Kart Trax?

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