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Why Kangaroo Bob's?

Kangaroo Bob's, an Interactive Children's Learning Center, provides a fun environment to teach children teamwork and is at the forefront of child development. Kangaroo Bob's is an interactive children's learning center that has created a fun environment to teach "Teamwork" to children. Kangaroo Bob's teaches teamwork to children by playing branded athletic team games with the children. These games make-up Kangaroo Bob's proprietary Teamwork Curriculum and each game, which revolves around 15' high inflatables in a 9,000 sq. ft indoor facility, has three teamwork lessons interwoven into the game. Children are rewarded with prizes when they demonstrate certain teamwork attributes during the game. This reward process is called our Athletic Redemption process which is proprietary to Kangaroo Bob's. Kangaroo Bob's teamwork curriculum is so unique that we have filed four patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on how we capture and maximize a child's Attention Rate. By maximizing the child's Attention Rate, we have enhanced the entertainment experience for the child and their capacity to retain the life lessons we teach. Kangaroo Bob's business concept is a combination of the best characteristics of a Family Entertainment/Amusement Centers and Children's Learning Centers Businesses.

The Kangaroo Bob's Way

The team games that make up the "Teamwork Curriculum" are extremely important because they:

  • Define the Kangaroo Bob's brand
  • Differentiate Kangaroo Bob's from our primary competitors
  • Create additional revenue opportunities
  • Make the experience extremely fun for children
  • Enable Kangaroo Bob's to be a children's learning business which appeals to consumers
  • Enable our athletic redemption process to occur
  • Drive entertainment costs down
  • Provides a safer environment than other children's inflatable play places
  • Drive repeat business

The "Kangaroo Bob's Way" teaches life lessons through fun games. It is difficult to hold a child's attention during a fifteen-minute game or series of games. Within two minutes the Kangaroo Bob's instructors are able to explain the rules of the games, teach the life lesson, place the children on teams, and begin a fun game.

Kangaroo Bob's instructors must complete these activities while working with and supervising children of various ages, sizes, aptitudes, personalities and athletic abilities. Not to mention, the children typically do not know each other prior to playing the game. Kangaroo Bob's instructors spontaneously reward children when they demonstrate a teamwork attribute, while maintaining the flow of the game.

Despite these difficult variables, Kangaroo Bob's instructors are specially trained to keep the games fun and the children engaged. Kangaroo Bob's is patenting these proven processes designed to maximize children's attention rate. "Kangaroo Bob's Way" utilizes the most sophisticated and best practices to capture a child's attention and hold it over the course of thirty minutes. When the "Kangaroo Bob's Way" is taught to franchisees they will be able to replicate the Kangaroo Bob's game experience.

The entertainment experience at Kangaroo Bob's coupled with the wonderful life lessons taught at Kangaroo Bob's correlates into an incredible business opportunity for franchise candidates that are as passionate about running their business as they are about developing young minds.

Steps to Owning Your Own Kangaroo Bob's

  1. Request for Consideration - Complete a form that will help us understand your background and plans.
  2. Franchise Sales Director Meeting - Discuss your plans with our head of Franchise Recruitment
  3. Franchise Disclosure and Due Diligence - You will read and sign our disclosure statement, or UFOC.
  4. Franchise Application - Complete an application.
  5. Discovery Day - An entire day at Kangaroo Bob's to see the product in action and meet our team.
  6. Signing the Franchise Agreement and Paying the Franchise Fee.
  7. The Fun Begins! - You become an official Kangaroo Bob's franchisee.


The goal of Kangaroo Bob's management is to provide our business partners with exemplary customer service. Here are some of the ways that our franchise personnel help make your dream a reality.

  • Pre-Opening Development - We provide a network of real estate brokers, architects, lenders and contractors; design and construction support and assistance; a franchise resources hotline.
  • Comprehensive Training - Hands-on training, classroom instruction and reference manuals.
  • Marketing Resources - Grand opening assistance; promotional and public relations materials; new product development; use of the company name, logo and characters.
  • Ongoing Support - Quarterly consultation visits from our field team; quality assurance consultations; business review of sales and performance; operating system manuals; new product rollouts and website maintenance.

Franchising Requirements

Kangaroo Bob's is seeking highly-motivated individuals for franchise opportunities who are passionate about owning their own business and developing young minds. Our current franchise partners are a mix of individual franchise owner/operators as well as multi-unit owners and developers. Our franchising program and support we provide is geared to both the individual single unit owner as well as those looking to own multiple locations.

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