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At Jeronimo! we provide kids a safe place to run and play, exercise, and socialize. The atmosphere is vibrant and fun. You need a big heart full of love for children, yet relate well to adults. Parents love Jeronimo! because it's safe, clean, affordable, and the staff is friendly. Kids love Jeronimo! because they have fun.

How We Got Our Name

During WWII, so the legend goes, a couple of greenhorn airborne paratrooper soldiers were trying to bolster their courage before their first jump. One said to the other, "You're scared about the first jump tomorrow, I'll bet." "Nope, not a bit," paratrooper replied. Having recently seen a movie about the exploits of Geronimo, he said, "I'll yell, 'Geronimo!' when I jump out the door." Next day, true to his word, the trooper yelled, "Geronimo!" for all his fellow soldiers to hear, and the word became part of the American lexicon. That's the story of yelling "Geronimo." So it's in this spirit of fun and play that this Jeronimo! came to be.

About Us

The Kids: Children should get an hour of exercise every day. It's a habit that stays with them a lifetime. Play at Jeronimo! is fun and lays the foundation of activity as sliding, bouncing, climbing and maneuvering through the inflatables improve children's balance, motor skills and coordination.

The Parents: We provide a quiet parent's lounge where they can relax with a cup of coffee, tea, and nibble on pastries or muffins, while surfing the Net (using our computers or WIFI), or catch up on a favorite magazine from our library. As they watch the children play from comfortable chairs, parents can relax to classical or jazz music.

Own Your Own Jeronimo! Facility!

A Jeronimo! franchisee should be conscientious, scrupulous, dedicated, and driven to provide a thrilling experience for the guests. Should you be accepted as a franchisee, we will help you succeed. Our staff will guide you through the process and not abandon you. We will help you choose the location, design the facility, order the inflatables, computer hardware and peripherals, retail software, accounting software, networking equipment, party supplies, insurance, furniture, signage, toys, drinks, and provide you with ongoing sales and marketing support to include grand opening advertising, ad graphics and copy. We even tell you how to apply for a federal tax identification number. In essence, we give you a checklist of what to do and who to contact - then you go do it. We want you up and running as soon as possible. We provide 75 hours minimum of training at no cost, as well as operational and training manuals for free.

We provide on-going feedback, best practice stories, suggestions, ideas, on-site visits, consultation, and an exclusive territory. We want you to succeed!

Customer Testimonials

"I have been to all the indoor inflatables in the area and this place is by far the best."
Dave Longley

"This place is great! It's clean, safe, friendly. You covered all the bases!"
David Stedman

"Just what we needed. My 7 and 3 year old love coming here. Frequent jump passes, free coffee, no time limits. The parties are PHENOMENAL!"
Betsy Taylor

"We had a party this Sunday. I have heard back from most of my friends that their kids really had a blast at Jeronimo, especially the treasure hunt and a very entertaining and helpful host. I am so glad we booked our party with you."

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