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Jani-King is the world's leading commercial cleaning franchise company with more than 10,000 authorized Franchise Owners worldwide. Through a network of more than 100 regional offices, Jani-King contracts commercial cleaning services, while the work is performed by Franchise Owners, who operate their own business. With over 35 years in business, Entrepreneur Magazine recognizes Jani-King as one of the top-10 franchise companies for 2004, alongside franchising giants Subway, 7-Eleven, Inc., and McDonald's.

In 1969 CEO and Founder Jim Cavanaugh began to develop a winning concept - a concept in which Jani-King finds the business and offers the Franchisee an initial customer base to service.

The Benefits of Becoming a Jani-King Franchisee

Our Regional Offices offer each new Franchisee the right to provide service to an initial customer base of Jani-King clients. This allows Jani-King Franchisees the option of starting their business on a full or part-time basis. In addition Jani-King provides a proven method of doing business and a brand name with real asset value in the eyes of customers. Finally, Jani-King provides a well organized support system that helps new Franchisees achieve their desired level of success.

The Difference

Jani-King is different from other franchise companies because it provides the best tools for new Franchisees to start his or her own business. Unlike traditional franchise companies that charge fixed franchise fees, and often charge exorbitant start-up costs, Jani-King offers new Franchisees a range of fees based on the amount of initial business offered by the local Regional Support Office. Jani-King also offers a level of training, business development, and administrative support that is unparalleled in the cleaning industry.

Start Your Own Business

Jani-King can help you grow your business while affording you the time to manage your own success. Our local Regional Support Offices offer each new Franchisee the right to provide service to Jani-King clients. Jani-King also offers comprehensive training to Franchise Owners, teaching them the operational skills necessary for success in the commercial cleaning industry. Jani-King then supports Franchisees on an ongoing basis by providing advice, business development, and technical support through its local Regional Offices. Each office has a marketing staff whose goal is to provide new business to Jani-King Franchisees. The Regional Offices also provide Franchisees with complete customer invoicing and other administrative support.


Jani-King's local Regional Offices provide Franchisees with initial training in the operation of the commercial cleaning Franchise business. The program provides training in Jani-King's methods and practices of professional cleaning services, management, sales, and promotional techniques. Training includes classroom lectures and discussions, actual demonstrations, printed manuals, video presentations, formal instruction, and practical hands-on training. Home study materials, additional training seminars, and refresher courses are also available to help keep Franchisees informed of the latest developments in the industry.

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