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Thinking of Owning Your Own Business?

We're growing and we want you to be a big part of our success!

We offer a unique ground-floor opportunity to join forces with the franchise that is already revolutionizing the growing ink refill industry.

Our rapidly growing company is now ready to step up, move forward and claim a substantial share of this highly lucrative new industry, and we'd like you to consider being a big part of our future growth and market expansion plans. The time for action is NOW, so please review all the information provided and contact us as soon as possible to learn more about the potential for a mutually rewarding business relationship.

At Ink A Dink, quality and service are always top priorities. Having the best technology and products are certainly essential ingredients for success, but we also understand that franchisees need the proper training and superior on-going support in order to enjoy the best possible chances for long-term success. That's why everyone in our Franchise Support Staff is so strongly dedicated to providing outstanding education, training and continuing assistance for all our franchisees.

Why Should I Consider Buying an Ink & Toner Refill Franchise?

While the incredible need for easily affordable ink and toner refills continually grows and grows - the ink recycling industry is wide open and ready to explode nationwide.

After all, who doesn't use ink in today's technology-driven world ... and who wouldn't like to save money on top quality ink refills that restore their own cartridge or toner to original factory standards in just moments?

Think about the future of recycling and the ink & toner refill industry. Do you think the major corporate manufacturers of new replacement ink & toner cartridges are likely to slash their prices by 50% or more? Why should they, when most consumers have almost no choice in obtaining new ink?

Educated consumers soon realize that with Ink A Dink they will always save up to 50% or more - and still get the best quality, value and performance - every time - every store - GUARANTEED!

Despite the huge market for ink and toner refill services, this tremendous widespread need remains largely untapped and under-serviced. The continually growing demand for easily affordable replacement ink has created a unique and timely opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of a new industry with very attractive profit margins and a strong potential for long-term success.

If you are looking for a business that is simple to operate, features revolutionary money-saving technologies, has proven systems, dedicated on-going support, and offers an unlimited growth potential, you'll find Ink A Dink stands alone and ready to help you claim your share of this booming new market.

What makes Ink A Dink so different from other ink refill franchises?

With Ink A Dink, franchisees enjoy tremendous competitive advantages. Our exclusive program offers industry-leading technologies, proven business systems, highly efficient operating procedures, and top-quality products necessary to give you the very best opportunity for long-term franchise success in this rapidly expanding industry.

The foundation of our innovative and exclusive franchise program is the world's best computerized fully self-contained ink refill system. With easy-to-use digital touch screen instruction and live Internet support, our state-of-the-art technology consistently produces the very best refills in the industry in just minutes.

While our system is technologically brilliant, it's also incredibly simple and easy to operate. Its compact streamlined design allows our system to be placed and operated behind the front counter in easy clear view of each customer.

We believe an educated consumer quickly becomes a happy repeat customer. One test refill is all it takes to prove before amazed customers' eyes that Ink A Dink's top quality factory-standard refills are always their very best deal.

The more you learn about Ink A Dink, the more you'll realize that we stand alone in offering all these tremendous benefits and potential for long-term business operation in the rapidly growing recycling industry.

What are some other major benefits that Ink A Dink offers?

  • Low, more-easily affordable turnkey start-up cost
  • State-of-the-art refill equipment
  • Superior proven top quality refills
  • Minimal inventory requirements
  • Brand name consumer recognition
  • Franchise discount buying power
  • Multiple high-margin profit streams
  • As little as 1,000 square feet needed
  • Affordable rent & operating costs
  • Small staffing requirements = lower employee costs
  • Easy to set up - easy-to-learn - easy to operate
  • Can accommodate almost any ink or toner cartridge ever made
  • Great product appeal to urban & suburban customers
  • Strong demand from both business and home consumers
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Your choice - Own and operate either single or multiple units
  • Highly detailed hands-on pre & post-opening training
  • Dedicated on-going support
  • Unlimited growth potential

How do I find out if Ink A Dink is the best franchise for me?

It is our top priority to make sure that this is the right franchise for prospective buyers, and that, in turn, they have the potential to be outstanding Ink A Dink franchisees.

We have the passion to become industry leaders - and we want franchisees who share our passion to be the best! We're looking for qualified franchisees who are driven, dedicated about their work, fully committed to business ownership and operation - serious entrepreneurs who are ready to take prompt, positive steps forward in turning their entrepreneurial dreams into achievable reality.

The information presented may have changed since first published. We recommend that you always verify fees, investment amounts and offers with the business opportunity directly prior to making a decision to invest.

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