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Hound Mounds Pet Waste Cleanup Service Offers Franchises Across America

Hound Mounds dog and pet waste cleanup service keeps customer yards POOP FREE in Austin, Dallas Fort Worth and Denver areas. Now offering franchises to cities across America!

If the idea of scooping poop for a living doesn't just make you buckle over and laugh Hound Mounds doesn't know what will. Hound Mounds has been making people laugh since 2005 doing what we doo scooping over a 1000 yards a month now. Our customers when they first hear about us laugh too until they hear we are for real and affordable (starting at $10-$15 per visit depending on the number of dogs), then they usually sign up for service. Due to the overwhelming local demand for Hound Mounds pet waste cleanup services, they have decided to increase their service coverage area through the offering of franchises nationwide.

The Undeniable Opportunity

According to the APPMA 2007-2008 pet survey:

  • There are approximately 74.8 million dogs in the United States
  • 39% of households own at least 1 dog
  • Of that 39% of households that own a dog: 63% own 1 dog, 25% own 2 dogs, and 12% own 3 or more dogs.

Of those millions of dog owners in the United States, guess what the least favorite thing that all of them like about their furry companions? If you haven't guessed it already it's picking up where their pet left off. It is quite possibly the most natural recurring opportunity of "see a need, fill a need" that we've come across to date. This need will never go away as long as dogs are household pets, after all somebody has to doo the dirty work!

Making People's Lives Easier

People are talking about how they can make their lives easier. Hound Mounds may not be the entire answer to making people's lives easier but they are at least the answer to the most smelly part of it! Dozens upon dozens of people write or call into us regularly on how great our service is and how much we help make their lives easier. We have heard everything from "saving their marriage" to "wanting to have more dogs" to "keeping peaceful relations with their neighbors when their dogs seem to doo their business outside of their own yard." Whatever the reason, the need is clearly there.

Hound Mounds Business Foundation And Experience

Although the idea of scooping poop for a living may hit your funny bone, our experience is one thing that is no laughing matter. Our experience includes:

Hound Mounds founder/owner has more than 10 years experience working as a consultant for 3 of the top 4 consulting firms in the world. He has an IT business consulting and programming background in Management Information Systems from the Business School at the University of Texas at Austin. He has also worked on projects for more than 2 dozen Fortune 500 companies implementing management operational and reporting systems and processes in each. This experience is at the core of how Hound Mounds systems and processes were built. It gives comfort to our franchisees that the growth of the company and its brand is in good hands.

Hound Mounds National Operations Manager is an expert in customer service and has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with customer relationship and management experience and simply put ... making sure customers needs are met. In addition to the process and technology know how there is no denying that customer satisfaction is essential to the success of Hound Mounds pet waste cleanup business model.

Hound Mounds field scoopers are also amongst the friendliest pet and dog lovers you will meet. Hound Mound employees are hired under very strict guidelines. Number 1 they must be pet and dog friendly but equally as much important they must be responsible people that take pride in doing their job well. Hound Mounds rewards their employees with semi annual bonuses for the great customer service they deliver year round which is part of their employee reward program.

How Does Hound Mounds Manage All That Poop?

Many people ask, after getting over the fact that the we scoop poop for a living, how do you manage all of that poop, the schedules, routes and customers? The very complicated answer we make simple. It's a very well balanced recipe of People, Process, Technology and Marketing.

All Hound Mounds Franchisees receive the following benefits:

  • Hound Mounds POOP 911 Usage - #1 rule in marketing - If a person doesn't understand something within 2 seconds of the first time they see it or hear it they will not remember it. Well, we haven't met anyone yet that hasn't laughed when they hear our toll free number. When people laugh at something they have already committed it to memory without even thinking about it. Usage of this number in your local area will ensure customers remember what they saw and call to sign up for service with you!

  • Sign Up of New Customers - Our friendly customer service staff will sign up all new customers that call our 1-800 number. We sign up the customers so you don't have to! You can focus on your current job until you're ready to fully transition to Hound Mounds as your full time job. And even once you do transition to Hound Mounds as your full time job you will have peace of mind knowing that you can focus on the field management of your employees and local marketing while Hound Mounds corporate still signs up new customers for you!

  • Hound Mounds Advertising - Hound Mounds marketing and advertising

Barcs System Usage

Schedule it, Scoop it, Bill it, DONE!! This system is the heart of what brings it all together. Our BARCS system is state of the art custom developed web-based enterprise management software. BARCS stands for Billing Administrative Routing & Customer Scheduling system. BARCS, our custom built technology, coupled together with our proven processes, people and marketing is a winning combination that provides the following to each of our franchisees:

  • Customer management - Provides email & phone traceable correspondence with each customer, specific to their account. So even if you don't have correspondence with a customer for several months you will always have their previous customer account notes available to you at the touch of a button.

  • Route & Scheduling Management - Your field scoopers will be able to log directly into BARCS on a daily basis to print out their route and driving directions directly from their homes. BARCS also optimizes their route automatically so that they have the most efficient route possible to save on their gas costs.

  • Payroll Management - BARCS tracks employee payroll through a commission based system that always ensures profitability per customer per service.

  • Centralized Billing - One of the most daunting tasks of any business with a large customer base is to make sure they get paid. Hound Mounds BARCS system takes franchisees less than 15 minutes and just a few clicks to bill more than 50, 100 or more customer properties serviced in one day. Billing is all electronic and emails customers their receipts directly to them on the day of service. All integrated and tied directly to the work that was completed that day.

  • Financial Reporting & Planning - Hound Mounds BARCS system provides franchisees with not only revenues for the day, week and month but also projected revenue for the year based on current customer volumes. BARCS also has reports to show number of customers by marketing channel and how many customers are assigned to your scoopers so you can plan for future hiring based on growth rate.

  • Hand Held Schedulers for Scoopers- Our hand held devices allow your field scoopers to receive and provide real time updates directly into BARCS making your field management tasks far more manageable. You will know as a the manager of your franchise how much of each of the routes have been completed. You will also be able to view any customer property updates that the scoopers may have made upon the completion of that customer's house.

Hound Mounds provides professional pet and dog waste cleanup and pooper scooper services to several major cities across the US. We proudly clean over 1000 yards each month and dispose of pet and dog waste in a safe and sanitary way. Hound Mounds is always looking to expand our franchise network into new cities with smart and energetic people that don't mind getting their hands dirty and that their number 1 job is cleaning up number 2.

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