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HomeVestors puts the pieces together in the real estate business.

About The HomeVestors Franchise Business

HomeVestors franchise owners are real estate investors who specialize in buying and selling houses as a business. Experts estimate that the market for undervalued real estate may be $10 billion per year in the United States alone.

Most investors who buy undervalued real estate focus on the distressed market that includes foreclosures and bankruptcies. There is a lot of competition in this market because every book and seminar on real estate investing uses the same strategies.

HomeVestors has discovered that there is a much larger market of home sellers who are willing to take a substantial discount in exchange for a quick cash sale and the buyer takes the house in "as is" condition. In fact, our experience has shown that four to six percent of all sellers are willing to accept a deeply discounted offer.

Many situations that create this "motivated seller". People who are heirs to real estate located in a city far away; rental properties that are no longer wanted; sellers needing investment capital; and properties needing extensive repairs are but a few examples.

We Give You The Tools You Need To Succeed

HomeVestors has thought of everything a HomeVestors franchise real estate investor needs in order to be successful. HomeVestors franchise owners have access to many programs.

  • Vacant property insurance at group rates
  • HomeVestors referral programs to generate leads in other cities
  • A HomeVestors Internet site for access to information and HomeVestors-hosted websites for HVA franchisees to help them sell houses
  • Business development and consultation with HomeVestors experts
  • A positive National brand and image developed through the popular "We Buy Ugly Houses" advertising programs
  • Complete HomeVestors franchisee training and support programs
  • Ongoing research and development
  • Peer interaction at owner's bi-annual national conventions, workshops, and training events

So You Want To Know How...

How do HomeVestors franchisees find discounted properties?
Through a well-known brand name, HomeVestors, and memorable advertising using the slogans, "We Buy Ugly Houses" and "Ugly's OK" promoted through:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Yellow Pages
  • Newspaper
  • Mailers
  • Billboards

How do HomeVestors franchisees know how much houses are worth?
Special training & custom software support.

  • 10-Day HomeVestors Success Training Program
  • HomeVestors Acquisition Software
  • HomeVestors Repair Cost Analysis Software
  • Printed Reports
  • Market Research Information

Where do HomeVestors franchisees find the money to buy & repair houses?
HomeVestors Acquisition & Repair Financing Programs.

How do HomeVestors franchisees sell homes quickly?
Innovative HomeVestors finance programs allow almost anyone to qualify to buy a HomeVestors house.

  • HomeVestors Investor Finance Program
  • HomeVestors mass-media advertising featuring the easily recognized slogan, "We Buy Ugly Houses"
  • 10-day initial HomeVestors Success Training, HomeVestors Advanced Training Programs and yearly
  • HomeVestors National Conventions
  • HomeVestors Acquisition Financing
  • HomeVestors Brand Name Recognition
  • HomeVestors Referral System
  • HomeVestors Acquisition Repair Financing
  • HomeVestors Franchisee Owner-Financed Note System
  • HomeVestors Property Analysis Software

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