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Make Sure You're Getting The Whole Picture.

Diet alone won't give you a long term, sustainable weight-loss result. The same goes for exercise. So why purchase a franchise that offers customers only part of the answer---and a fraction of the profits for you?

Introducing The Healthy Inspirations Difference.

While other franchises in the category offer quick-fix diets or fitness programs, Healthy Inspirations is the only long-term weight-loss and weight-management program that combines diet and exercise with on-going consultations and relaxation therapy to achieve truly desired and sustainable results. It's this same concept that makes Healthy Inspirations franchise a uniquely profitable business model. Our four-pillared approach creates multiple revenue streams. That's because members are buying a lifestyle, not just a short-term solution. The result is longer memberships and multiple profit centers over that time.

Helping Others To Help Themselves.

Want more proof that a Healthy Inspirations franchise is a sustainable business model? Consider that rates of overweight and obese adults have doubled over the past two decades and the number continues to climb. Accordingly, the market has grown with single-focus gym and dieting franchise options---leaving Healthy Inspirations as the only franchise offering a complete weight-loss, weight-management solution under one roof. Our unique program offers women the best solution for regaining their shape and offers you a cost-efficient franchise with a proven high-revenue, high-value point of difference.

It's Time To Preach What You Practice.

There's no better testimonial to the Healthy Inspirations difference than the fact that many of our franchisees are former clients. They've seen first hand how our program provides weight-loss, self-confidence and a sense or purpose. And now they've turned that experience into a healthy, ethical and profitable franchise opportunity.

If you're ready to make a difference in the lives of others and challenge yourself with your own business than contact us today!!!

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