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Wouldn't you? Start earning your worth. Let us help you build your own healthcare recruiting business as a Health Career Agents Owner/Operator and profit from the dramatic demand for healthcare practitioners.

There are critical shortages of healthcare professionals all across America and the number of current vacancies is astounding:

  • 126,000 nurses
  • 10,000 pharmacists
  • 13,000 lab techs
  • 13,000 diagnostic imaging techs

And it's going to get much worse. The leading edge of the Baby Boomer Generation --76 million strong -- is just now entering retirement age. This will put unprecedented pressure on an already under-staffed healthcare industry for years to come, forcing healthcare companies to pay billions to medical recruiters for their services.

Billions of Dollars in Fees

Making hundreds of thousands of dollars annually is quite plausible when you consider that the average healthcare recruiter made $217,000 in 2004 according to "The Fordyce Letter", a respected recruiting industry newsletter, determined in their industry wide survey. That's because an amazing 41% of all hospitals and healthcare systems are paying sign-on bonuses, and even more are paying recruiting fees to medical recruiters like our Owner/Operators. Recruiting fees average 25% to 30% of a candidate's salary, or $15,000 to $30,000 per healthcare placement.

  • Placing a $50,000-per-year Nuclear Medicine Technologist in a new position may earn our Owner/Operator a $15,000 recruiting fee. One such placement per month earns them $180,000 per year.
  • When a pharmacist earning $110,000 annually is placed, a recruiting fee of $32,000 may be paid. Only six placements like this in a year earns you $192,000.

The medical and healthcare industry is a "sellers" market where conventional recruiting strategies don't work well at all. Job candidates are in demand and they know they hold all the cards. We treat them accordingly, using an "Agent" approach that focuses on the interests and needs of the candidate. This may appear to be elementary but it is the polar opposite of traditional recruiting strategy, where the employer is usually in the driver's seat.

Proven Healthcare Recruiting Strategy

Yet there's much more than candidate focus involved in achieving success in healthcare recruiting. At the center of it all is the need for volume. With the high levels of demand, Health Career Agents Owner/Operators must have access to large volumes of candidates and possess the marketing tools to attract them. That's precisely what Health Career Agents provides you with.

Our Owner/Operators are trained extensively in healthcare recruiting, especially in the areas of pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, physicians, and nursing. You are provided with training and operations manuals, scripts, sample correspondence, term directories, sample forms, checklists, and contracts.

To get started quickly, you partake in thirty-day remote training curriculum, attend on-site training, and participate in a 90-day Start-Up Program. Health Career Agents training is so thorough that it includes working on live deals in your second or third week. Owner/Operators use our technology and software to work more efficiently and make more placements than traditional recruiters could ever dream. They pay no rent, they do not carry inventory, and they don't even have employees, just like-minded entrepreneurs they partner with.

Managing a "Virtual" Team

However, our Owner/Operators are not limited by what they can generate personally when it comes to earnings. We help them build teams of "Sales Consultants", commission salespeople who work from their own home offices, who work with the Owner for 40%- 50% of the recruiting fees they generate. There's a lot to go around when you consider the typical healthcare recruiting fee can be $15,000 to $30,000. Researchers, on the other hand, gather the candidate and hiring authority information the team needs.

As an Owner/Operator, we will teach you how to build your business. You'll learn how to entice salespeople and recruiters to join your team and make you money. We'll provide you with everything you need including management training, software, and marketing materials. In addition, Health Career Agents will train up to ten independent salespeople or sales Consultants for you, teaching them how to work from their homes, making money for themselves -- and for you.

Finally, Owner/Operators within our network collaborate online via our unique software system to share companies, candidates, placements, and their resulting fees. Like a multiple-listing service in real estate, Health Career Agents receives a small commission when the system is used for Shared Placements.

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