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Since 1989, Hayes Handpiece Company has specialized in handpiece service and maintenance. With over 75 locally owned offices worldwide, Hayes Handpiece provides high-quality, convenient and reasonably priced repairs.

Join the Hayes Team

  • #1 in the industry
  • 15 years in business
  • Strong, recession-proof industry
  • Excellent investment
  • High-demand niche market
  • In-person and online training
  • Easy-to-learn - small business franchise
  • Ongoing technical and sales support
  • Exclusive territories - small business franchise
  • Well-established, proven, cost-effective marketing program
  • Reasonable start-up costs
  • Work independently - small business franchise
  • Enjoy flexible schedule
  • Start out of your home
  1. Success. Just call our franchisees and ask them how much business they are doing and how they feel about the direction, leadership, and future of the company. Our franchisees tell the story. There is a reason why a Hayes franchise is more expensive than the competition: it is worth it!
  2. Experience, Dedication, and Commitment. If you look at the management experience of the top officers of the company, you will notice three things:
    • Our last name is also the company name. Therefore, we have our personal pride and reputation on the line with each and every franchise we develop. We want to be the best in every market.
    • The founders of the company are still highly involved with the business on a daily basis. You will be trained and supported by John Hayes, Jo Hayes, Joe Hayes, and David Hayes.
    • We have all (John, Jo, Joe, David) successfully started and developed handpiece repair businesses on our own. Therefore, we know what it takes to make you successful. Furthermore, we have been in handpiece repair for over 15 years and the dental business for over 30 years. We know what works, and we are poised to add the right products and services in the future for continued growth and profitability.
  3. Support. Good support is crucial in this business for success. There is so much information to know and understand that you need someone looking out for you who can be a good resource of information. That is what the Hayes system is for. Not only do we have over 30 years of dental experience but we also have over 75 talented franchisees who contribute ideas and information, thus improving the whole network every day.
  4. Parts. Our franchisees buy their parts from us because they are the highest quality available and because they are the most competitively priced, not because they have to. They don't. They could buy from other vendors if they wanted to. However, we deal in such large volumes that we can pass on the massive savings to the franchisee. Furthermore, we make several of our own parts, which allows us to control the quality (a problem with many of the parts from the aftermarket vendors).
  5. Technology. We have been repairing handpieces for the last 15 years. We have developed and acquired tooling through our master repair facility and our international contacts--all enabling us to repair a wide range of handpieces.
  6. Products. Yes, the franchisees have the option to sell new handpieces as well as other products. As an example, to complement our repair service and to add new products, we've developed the best handpiece lubricant on the market. Tiger OneStep is a specially formulated synthetic lubricant that is needed almost every time a dentist uses a handpiece and it is available only through Hayes.
  7. Relationships with Manufacturers. Our unique position in the industry has enabled us to build one-of-a-kind business relationships with all the major handpiece manufacturers. This gives us special access to technology, tooling, and replacements parts.
  8. Marketing. We know how to market and sell. There is more to marketing this business than sending out a flyer with good prices. This business is becoming more competitive. Therefore, we teach you the proven techniques and strategies that work, as well as give you ongoing access to all of the promotional literature, advertising, direct mail, and other marketing tools.
  9. Communication. We have an incredibly talented group of franchisees who often communicate with each other on a weekly basis. We have an annual meeting, conference calls, online discussion forums and more--all of which give franchisees an opportunity to discuss the business and ways we can improve the company.
  10. Territory Size. We want strong franchisees. Therefore, each Hayes franchisee has a protected territory.

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