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Since 1985, standing apart from the crowd has been at the core of Halstrom High School's™ approach to education. Halstrom's one-to-one individualized instruction offers students of all backgrounds personalized mastery learning in a safe, caring environment.

According to a study done by the University of Chicago, when one student is matched with one teacher, their learning rate is above the 95% level. At Halstrom, this is the fundamental approach to our teaching style. This one-to-one style is seamlessly combined with mastery learning in which no student continues on until measurable learning occurs. This revolutionary approach means all students can succeed at learning, no matter their previous educational levels.

The chance to make a difference in people's lives only comes along every once in a while. This rewarding and exciting opportunity to open the doors of education to every type of student is a rare and valuable service to communities across America and Canada.

Franchise Opportunity

The Halstrom High School franchise opportunity is for people who value education, are highly-ethical, independent, energized, respectful, responsible, possess strong communication skills, and appreciate the meaning of the word, "alternative." Franchisees must first demonstrate that they have a strong background in sales, management, marketing, and education. Successful franchisees must also have a strong desire to build a successful business that serves a vital role in their communities along with possessing an intimate knowledge of the local educational market.

Along the path to opening a Halstrom High School franchise, Halstrom offers 10 days of comprehensive franchisee and staff training, both locally and nationally. The support includes initial training, regional meetings, and annual conferences.

Make A Difference

Since 1985, Halstrom High School has sought people who are passionate about education and looking to make a difference in the lives of students. Through powerful franchise opportunities, Halstrom High School is looking for people who want to provide an effective alternative to traditional high school programs.

We're looking for people who understand the value of a personalized education and understand the value of preparing today's youth for tomorrow's world. Discover how the Halstrom High School franchise opens a world of opportunities for students ... and for you.

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