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Why should you select THE GUTTER GUYS® as your franchise partner? Is it because the products are the most glamorous in the world? Hardly.

How about because you have always been fascinated with rain gutters? Not likely.

Maybe it is because THE GUTTER GUYS® have proven a permanent and renewable market for the sales, installation, maintenance and repair of residential and commercial rain gutters that will support a long-term and profitable franchise business. That's more like it.

THE GUTTER GUYS® has proven the existence of a profitable market by operating a successful and growing retail operation since 1988! Some people don't think this is glamorous, but we do.

Join with THE GUTTER GUYS® and we will provide you with all of the tools you need to duplicate our success.

We know the market. We know what inventory you should carry. We will provide you with the training and knowledge to permit you to operate a profitable franchise. But, it still up to your talent and abilities to be successful.

THE GUTTER GUYS® will happily provide the following assistance to each franchisee:

Business Set-up and Organization

We can assist you in the selection of your choice of business entity and could be helpful in directing you to the proper sources for the formation of the franchise entity of your choice. However, any such advice must necessarily be limited to business operating advice. Any legal opinion or accounting advice must come from the appropriate source within your jurisdiction.

Management Training

You and/or your franchise manager designee will be provided with a full 100 hours of intensive and comprehensive classroom and "on the job" training at our company headquarters. This training will include Basic Management, Business Operations, Bookkeeping, Truck Design and Equipment Operation, Sales, Marketing and Advertising.

Advertising and Marketing Strategy

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. We have already figured out who your customers are, how to reach them, and the way to convince them to come to you with their business. We provide a National 800 number and will send you all inquiries in your area. We also provide on-going "on line" support, newspaper ads, mailers, brochures, door hangers, radio scripts and our nationally advertised website, all as part of our Power Marketing Program. It's all designed to help you towards profitability and long-term success.

Grand Opening

We will be with you for your "Grand Opening" and will suggest to you the type and manner of advertising and marketing for the opening of your very own business. We want to "kick-start" your operation in the direction of sales, income and profits.

Business Recognition

Business recognition is an important part of your entire marketing, advertising, and operating strategy. It simply refers to the use of such methods to make your business known in the community, and, more particularly, to the specific category of customers likely to make use of your services and products. Our Power marketing Program will show you how to maintain a professional image in the industry.

Operating Procedures

Initially, you will be inundated with 10 days of training in our suggested methods of operating a successful business. Much of this training will be based upon the Franchisee Operating Manual and other reference manuals which you will receive at your training sessions. These reference manuals will be your daily operating guide to assist after you return home and begin putting the words into action. When the written words aren't sufficient, you will have the ability to contact THE GUTTER GUYS® directly for ongoing assistance anytime you need it.

Employee Training

OK, so we trained you. But what about the people who work for you. We will also provide you with the knowledge and materials to train others. And, of course, we will be available for questions. If you want, and you think it is worth the travel expense to do so, you can also bring the employee with you when you come the training classes.

Cost Cutting Purchasing Power

Our high volume system lets you buy materials at lower than usual prices. This naturally allows for higher profits. Gain the advantage of our years of experience and let us pass on to you the How's, Where's and Why's of Purchasing Power.

Professional Image

Here are the important factors that will enhance your professional image as a franchisee with THE GUTTER GUYS®:

  • Over fifty thousand happy referrals from very satisfied customers.
  • A "no deposit" guarantee that tells customers they don't pay until they are happy.
  • Our advanced and patented GUTTERGARD™ protection system to make sales a lot simpler.
  • A "TRIPLE WARRANTY" backed by the manufacturer, the distributor, and by THE GUTTER GUYS®.

You will become part of our team of highly skilled craftsmen who have installed over five million feet of seamless gutters and downspouts. You will be able to tell your customers that you can provide 25 colors of high quality and durable product backed by strictest quality control systems, proven equipment and materials and well-trained, highly skilled craftsmen.

Don't delay any longer. You deserve to be in a business of your own where you will reap the rewards of your own hard work.

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