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Serious About Making Money In Senior Care?

Own A Master Franchise & Receive Monthly Royalties and Franchise Fees.

Owning a Master Franchise is the ultimate franchise opportunity. A Master Franchise appeals to the experienced business person because they can appreciate the benefits of no employees, working from anywhere, coaching and mentoring others to become successful, and receiving monthly long term income from the gross sales of every unit in their territory.

A Master Franchisee, if desired, can use our quick start-up program to generate substantial profits by owning and developing their own Golden Heart Senior Care franchises. They can choose the best individual franchise territories, get them started, and sell them for substantial profits and build their royalty income. Units in the senior care industry can sell for up to one times their gross revenue.

What is a Master Franchise?

A Master Franchise or Area Representative Franchise obtains the rights to a franchise territory. This territory can be a metropolitan area, an entire state or several states. The Master Franchisee will assist us in the sales and development of the territory in exchange for a share in the royalty revenues and franchise fees from every unit. You would receive half of our $39,500 franchise fee and half the royalties from all units that open in your territory. Our royalty is 6% and you will receive 3% from the gross sales of each unit. It is not uncommon in the senior care industry for individual units to do well in excess of $1 million in sales per year. With the potential for numerous units in your territory the income could be quite substantial.

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is the best franchise opportunity available in
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Individual Franchise Unit Opportunity

Savvy franchise buyers want to generate income quickly and have an advantage over their competition and not have to build their business slowly. They want to become profitable quickly and recapture their investment as soon as possible.

Start-up senior care businesses generally take one year to 18 months to become reasonably profitable. With our proprietary superior marketing systems and unique internet lead generation programs, we give you the necessary tools and the best opportunity to make income faster and beat the competition. No one else in the industry has these fast-start income generation programs.

The senior care industry is the best growth industry to be in today but the competition is fierce. It is an easy business to start and operate but a lot harder to get business than you may think or others may tell you. Most senior care businesses generally do the same marketing and though it has been proven to be effective it is just too slow before you get a decent return on your investment.

Find out why our marketing and lead generation systems are superior and we can prove it!

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