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Drive In With the Glove Guy/Glove Lady Safety Products Catalogue-on-Wheels, Drive Out with Cash, and a Customer-for-Life!

Glove Guy/Glove Lady makes specialty gloves and safety products sexy.

Sexy in the strictly G-rated sense of taking them out of a dull, boring catalogue, and bringing them to life in a brightly colored van. It's a rolling safety products store, hosted by YOU, with try-ons strictly permitted!

When you roll into town in the bright pink Glove Lady van, you'll be a welcome sight. Why? Because you'll be the Mary Kay of safety products, a Sear's catalogue-on-wheels for work gloves, gear and goggles.

It's fun for you, fun and super-convenient for your customers, but most important; a Glove Guy/Glove Lady franchise is HIGHLY PROFITABLE.

Make money from day one as a Glove Lady or a Glove Guy - our more subdued package for male reps - and get in early on a "sure thing."

Here's why offering specialty gloves, safety apparel and accessories makes dollars and sense:

  1. It's a Multi BILLION Dollar Market with UNLIMITED UPSIDE

    According to the latest statistics from the US Census Bureau, the safety glove and product market is over 3 billion dollars strong - and growing.

    Businesses are increasing their spending on specialty gloves and safety-related products.

    National laws and government regulatory agencies like OSHA require companies to provide for the physical protection of workers from potentially hazardous conditions.

  2. It's Recession-Proof

    People will always need safety apparel and gear, and demand is increasing due to long-term worker safety laws and regulations newly in place. Glove Guy/Glove Lady products are required in almost every industry, including:

    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Maintenance
    • Agriculture
    • Food
    • Automotive/Transportation
    • ... and many more!

  3. The Market is Far From Saturated - It's Underserved!

    Maybe you had a friend who told you to invest in real estate before the boom, or a relative that made a killing on eBay selling collectibles before every neighbor on the block followed suit. Now those markets are saturated!

    Fortunately, that's not the case with The Glove Guy/Glove Lady. There's plenty of room to grow in the glove and safety products industry. NOW is the perfect window of opportunity to get in on what franchise experts are calling, "the franchise with the most market potential for the least start-up costs."

  4. There is No "Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla" in the Glove and Safety Products Market

    ... And that's good news! There is no Wal-Mart or Home Depot-type superstore or mammoth J.C. Penney-sized catalog in the safety products industry. And there's been NO personalized service - until now! Another Glove Guy/Glove Lady first!

Why Glove Guy/Glove Lady?

  1. Glove Guy/Glove Lady Has One of the Lowest Start-Up Costs in the Franchise Industry.

    If you've been doing your homework, searching for the right franchise opportunity at a start-up cost you can afford, you know how difficult it is to find anything that's even mildly interesting and lucrative for under $50,000.

  2. The Glove Guy/Glove Lady Offers Necessary Items That Need Constant Refilling.

    Think about it: Everybody wears specialty gloves. They're not just for industrial use. There's a glove for every activity from gardening to household chores; gloves for motorcyclists and other sports. The list goes on and on. The average American buys 3 pairs of specialty gloves every year!

  3. Get Started With Low Inventory.

    Many franchises require you to buy a load of merchandise before you've even made your first sale. Not Glove Guy/Glove Lady. You can start with very low inventory, building as you go. We even carry the products for you!

  4. Our Founders Have a Track Record of Success in the Franchise Business

    When you join the Glove Guy/Glove Lady family, you'll benefit from the field tested methods of our expert team. Our step-by-step success system will set your franchise on a solid foundation and position your business for substantial growth.

    Glove Guy/Glove Lady franchise operators are empowered to succeed with:

    • Comprehensive training at the Glove Guy/Glove Lady Boot Camp
    • A customized marketing plan for you and your territory
    • A state-of-the-art electronic business management system
    • A Personalized website enabled with ecommerce and inventory control
    • Ongoing training sessions and customized business management solutions
    • 24/7 toll-free ongoing telephone support

Making Sales with Glove Guy/Glove Lady is as Simple as Just Showing Up!

Glove Guy/Glove Lady is revolutionizing the way commercial specialty glove and safety products are sold. There's never been anything like it. And what's more, you don't have to be an expert in gloves and safety products, or even an experienced salesperson. Just like office supplies, businesses and individuals know exactly what they need, so the products sell themselves.

If you're looking for a business that has:

  • Immediate cash flow
  • Low start-up costs
  • Low upfront inventory - we stock it for you
  • High profit margins
  • Protected territories
  • Unlimited repeat business and referrals
  • Flexible hours
  • Total mobility
  • No monthly retail lease or payroll commitments

Glove Guy/Glove Lady is for you!

A Note from Our Founder, Mr. D'Shane Teague

In the franchise business, nobody likes the F word: Fad. There are lots of fancy-talking flash-in-the-pan type businesses wanting you to buy in with your hard-earned dollars: fast foods, pet toys, or home décor collectibles, for instance. Even value-added services like car detailing, furniture cleaning and surface coatings are not necessary to everyone's daily activities. You can live without them, and when cash is tight, or it's time to send the kids through college, you won't even remember you needed those things.

That's why we're in the glove and safety products business. We provide necessary, practical items that folks simply can't do without. I look forward to working with you personally to make your Glove Lady or Glove Guy business an all-out success. After all, you deserve it!

If you're ready to experience the money-making opportunities, the prestige, rewards and financial freedom that come from owning your own franchise, fill out the form below for a free information session.

Glove Guy/Glove Lady's lucrative franchise opportunity combined with its low start-up cost has resulted in a larger-than-expected number of inquiries. Territories are going fast.

Call now or fill out the form below to find out if you're a good fit for The Glove Guy/Glove Lady. You must qualify for consideration and hot territories are on a first-come first-to-qualify basis.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Glove Guy/Glove Lady family. Then the next time someone asks "How's your glove life?" you'll say, "Darn good!"

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