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What Globaltranz Offers

Globatranz offers you the ability to market DHL and Carrierrate in your territory that you purchase. DHL is the nation's 3rd largest small package carrier. DHL has enabled Globaltranz rights to market its services throughout the United States.

Globaltranz also offers you the ability to market its sister company's website Carrierrate, an online freight shipping solution/software that companies use to manage their freight.

You will receive incredible carrier prices we have established and will only be charged a small royalty on top of them.

Think about walking into a business and offering the owner rates from DHL that beat UPS and FEDEX and also offering a "Travelocity" like experience when they ship their freight.

Globaltranz is a sales organization offering transportation services to the small to mid-sized market segment through a rapidly expanding network of franchises nationwide.

Reselling transportation services as a franchise system is a proven concept with an outstanding track record of success, since its inception fifteen years ago. In 2001, the major resellers of transportation services generated approximately $450 million in revenue from the small to mid-size market segment.

Carrier sales and marketing channels are designed to focus on the large Fortune 500 customer segment, leaving the small to mid-sized market segment relatively untouched by the carrier's direst sales force. Carriers have realized the value resellers provide by the reseller's ability to successfully penetrate the small to mid-sized market segment and rapidly build revenues, as well as reduce attrition, in this under-developed market segment.


Globaltranz is looking to add over 600 talented and energetic outside sales and operations professionals with entrepreneurial spirit; educating customers, assessing their business needs, and making expert recommendations for services on behalf of our carrier partners. We have available territories nationwide.


We provide professionally instructed initial and recurring training and development, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time.

What You Will Receive

  • 1 Week training
  • Carrierrate website (backend and front-end for your customers)
  • DHL partner agreement
  • Backend shipment management software
  • Globaltranz's 25 years experience in transportation

Why Should I Purchase a Globaltranz Franchise?

We provide you an opportunity to:

  • Become actively involved in an estimated $40 billion a year Overnight market segment at minimal cost.
  • Own your own transportation company without having to purchase the infrastructure and assets necessary to move shipments around the world.
  • Participate in a segment of the transportation industry that has little competition and generates a residual income with a strong return on your investment.
  • Control your own destiny, limited only by your personal desire to succeed.
  • Ability to sell to virtually any business you encounter

What Sets Globaltranz Apart from Similar Companies in Similar Market Segments?

We provide you with:

  • Lower cost per Franchise business.
  • More businesses per Franchise territory.
  • A multitude of Franchises available throughout the United States.
  • Unsurpassed training in the class room and in the field.
  • An opportunity to become an integral component of a rapidly expanding company.
  • An opportunity for you to grow with your Franchise business.
  • A strong relationship with our carrier partners, solidified through continual growth and exceptional value.

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