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Global, a nationally recognized finance company has put together a program so you can own your own finance company. You will be in business to offer small to medium size businesses various types of loans usually not offered by their local banks. Most banks only lend to companies that we call in the industry "A" credit, or companies that really don't need the money. Global also does the "A" credits, but our specialty is to focus on "B" and "C" credits, which in our current economy is the majority of business.

You will be able to offer your clients a full range of financial services. Whether they need a loan to get working capital, purchase new equipment, acquire a new business, or restructure their current payments, you can do it all.

With our program, we'll teach you how to be your own boss and run your own business. We will also supply you with marketing tools, industry knowledge and vocabulary to convey professionalism and build solid relationships with your clients and funding sources. You don't need prior experience, just the desire to be your own boss, the ability to learn, good people skills, and a passion to succeed and make money. The Global program will show you how to begin making money as soon as you complete the training. As a full service finance company, you will provide a valuable service for clients ... and you get paid up front from the lenders. Your money is never at risk, and you are fulfilling your dreams of independence, living the life you deserve and enjoying the prestige of owning your own business.

Why Our Program Works

Global has been a lender and broker for many years doing transactions nationwide. Our program has been developed through the eyes of a "lender".

There are other companies that teach you how to enter the finance business without ever having the experience of getting clients or funding a transaction.

A famous slogan sums it up "How can you teach someone to swim if you don't know how to swim". We know what it takes to get clients, quickly analyze their needs, get transactions funded and make money. We teach you our tried and proven methods that we use everyday.

When you complete our program, you will have all the tools and knowledge necessary to start making money and building a business quickly.

Earn $100,000 or More

Here Is How You Make Money. The Process is Not Difficult or Complicated.

The First Way to Make Money

Whatever type of financing you do your profit is determined by adding "points" to the gross amount of the transaction or equipment cost. Each point equals 1% of equipment or transaction cost. Your typical earnings will range from 5% to 10%. Let's take the example below: a 7% commission.

Example: $50,000.00 transaction 7%= $3,500.00

If you average 3 transactions a month at $50,000.00, each which is very attainable, your profit should be $10,500.00 per month or $126,000.00 per year.

The Second Way to Make Money

Each time you do a lease transaction you have a supplier of equipment or a "vendor" as we call them in the finance industry. When you complete a financing transaction the next thing you will do is introduce your financing program to the "Vendor" and show him how to increase his sales by offering a finance program. In the training we show you how to make the presentation. For example after 6 or 8 months you may have 5 or 6 vendors sending you only 1 transaction a month, which should be attainable.

Example: 5 vendors sending 1 transaction a month at $50,000 each
$250,000 x 7% = 17,500.00 per month or $210,000.00 per year

If you do 3 transactions a month directly with your clients and five transactions a month with your vendors, you can see what your annual income can be. Even if you reduce this by 50%, you are still earning a nice 6 figure annual income. The best part is that your vendors send you business this month, next month and next year.

No Franchise Fees

We do not charge franchise fees or royalty fees each month. When you complete the training, you use your own businesses name and do business anywhere in the country you want. There are absolutely no restrictions where you can do business. You will see very quickly how your business expands out of your area. After you complete our program there is never any additional charge from Global.

The information presented may have changed since first published. We recommend that you always verify fees, investment amounts and offers with the business opportunity directly prior to making a decision to invest.

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