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FlyFoe Mosquito & Tick Control

Take a look at the other franchisors and you will find a sea of sameness. They all have similar sounding Mosquito XYZ names and have nearly identical operations and value propositions. We have built FlyFoe to be different. You should expect more from your mosquito and tick control franchisor, we're sure you'll get more with FlyFoe.

Industry Smart

You hear about mosquito and tick problems in the news almost every day. As temperatures heat up, so do these problem pests...and the diseases they carry. Here's your chance to be part of the solution. A solution that will help families enjoy their lives while providing yours with financial rewards. What other business allows you to take the winter off? No wonder what all the buzz is about.

Increasing Demand - Growing threat of mosquito and tick borne diseases + Recurring Revenue - Your customers hire you for a season, not just one-time service + Affordable Costs - We keep startup and inventory costs down = Smart Business - A perfect equation for a business that helps you live the life you want

Work Smart

We’re not sure if there is such thing as a smart mosquito, but we do know there is a such a thing as a smart solution to controlling them.

We pride ourselves on providing the drop dead, best tools for you to run your business.

  • Bold Branding
  • Streamline Sales
  • Top-Notch Technology
  • Simple Solutions

Partner Smart

We’re not like those big scary franchisors that want to suck all the freedom and money out of your business. We value knowledge, creativity, and good ol’ fashion friendliness.

  • Franchisee Friendly
  • Unique Brand
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Open Communication

Grow Smart

Fly your business as high as you want

Our turn-key solution for the mosquito and tick control industry makes owning and operating your business a breeze. From our specially designed vans to our unique pest control systems, we’ve got you covered!

The best part? You control how fast you grow. Heck, build a mosquito and tick control empire if you like!

Cost Smart

We’ve done the research and have built a franchise model that doesn’t take a huge bite out of your wallet.

Ideal Candidate

The qualities we're looking for:

  • Likes people, a lot, and works great with others
  • Enjoys managing others
  • Has a personal conviction and vision for what they want
  • Is comfortable with numbers and accounting
  • Believes in the benefits of culture and a strong brand
  • Can speak clearly and confidently
  • Open to learning and new ideas
  • Knows the benefits of taking calculated risks
  • Understands the importance of technology

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