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Floors2Love® is the natural progression for the original company, FlorLine Midwest. Florline Midwest was founded over 20 years ago to serve major corporations needing high quality, lifetime flooring systems. FlorLine's coating and topping systems are more durable than concrete, yet more flexible and require no maintenance. As FlorLine prospered, they would periodically install residential flooring systems for their clients. The residential demand continued to grow, leading to the launch of an entirely new income stream with immediate cash flow: Floors2Love.


Floors2Love brings a professional, consistent approach to the residential flooring industry. This industry has lacked a recognizable national company and brand until now. Floors2Love flooring systems require little maintenance and a lifetime of wear for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The majority of homeowners are not aware that a flooring system like ours is available to them. Floors2Love now offers state-of-the-art flooring systems and uniform professional service to the residential and light commercial markets nationwide.


In today's business environment there are few new franchise opportunities that are truly the first in their field, offering outstanding growth potential.

Consider the millions of garages, patios, driveways, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms in homes across the country. Floors2Love can resurface all of them with one of our exclusive Liquid Solid™ floor systems.

Homeowners have always responded to services that add value to their number one investment, their home. By providing a home improvement option that is durable, aethestically pleasing, easy to maintain and affordable, Floors2Love meets all of the requirements homeowners seek when investing in their home.


At the present time, Floors2Love is the only residential approved applicator and the only training center for Sherwin Williams new Crystal Cast flooring product.

Our training program is designed to take a novice from A to Z, with no direct experience in flooring or remodeling. Our educational process spans 10 days (including field training), covering all aspects of your business: administrative, installation, sales and marketing.

Field training by one of our certified applicators is also included in your franchise fee. This 5-day session will be conducted in your territory and will be an extension of your 5-day class, featuring live demonstrations and cooperative selling with your customers.


Homeowners have embraced national franchise services for over 20 years. You see it everyday: lawn-care, cleaning services, painters, windows, treatments, handyman, inspections, carpet and interior decorating, all delivered by franchise operations.

  • We are looking for franchisees that can answer yes to the following:
  • Do you enjoy meeting new people?
  • Are you interested in community recognition?
  • Are you a service oriented individual?
  • Is a potential six figure income in line with your goals?
  • Do you want to control your time and income?
  • Would you like to be independent and yet be a member of a team?
  • Do you enjoy being on the leading edge of business?
  • Do you like building long term relationships?

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