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Floorguard Garage Flooring Franchise Information

Why Partner With Floorguard®?

With premium flooring, cabinets and organizers available from Floorguard®, the garage becomes an enjoyable and useful extension of the living space. As a Floorguard® dealer, customers in your exclusive territory will hire you as the single source contractor for a complete transformation of their garage. While home centers are offering an increasing number of garage products aimed at the do-it-yourselfer, the target market of Floorguard® consists of busy professionals who prefer to spend free time enjoying their homes rather than working on them. Furthermore, the quality and functionality of our products cannot be matched by anything available at the retail level. Our research indicates that there is a vast, undeveloped national market of consumers with the resources and desire to pay for this level of value and convenience. You, and you alone in your area, will be able to offer these customers an unbeatable Floorguard® garage. Your exclusive right to sell these distinctive products will give you a powerful competitive advantage in your territory.

The Leader In Flooring Systems

A Floorguard® garage starts with the floor - a thick, seamless system that is permanently bonded to the concrete. We invented our system almost two decades ago, and we continually improve our formula as new technology is discovered. While imitators may pop up now and then, ours will always be the best you can buy. This unique flooring compound is not available anywhere else - it is exclusively manufactured in the Floorguard® plant for our own dealers and customers.

The rich, attractive finish that resists spills, stains and fading from UV exposure makes our flooring a very appealing product that is easy to sell. Your clients can select from a wide variety of colors to match any home style. We will provide the training of our special installation techniques so you and your crew can complete a professional flooring job in just one highly-profitable day.

Exceptional Training And Support

Of course, quality products are just one element of a successful home-improvement business - quality service and installation are also essential to assure customer satisfaction and referrals that drive sales. Over the last twenty years, we have refined our installation and business practices for maximum efficiency and outstanding results on every job. We're glad to share what we've learned to help you and your crew become successful Floorguard® professionals. Your dealership agreement includes an intensive two-week training course in the business and installation skills necessary to run a successful dealership. Plus, if a problem ever arises on a job, you can count on us do whatever we can to help you solve it.

We help you get your own Floorguard® business up and running quickly with:

  • Superior products for a complete package that is easy to sell.
  • Factory direct material pricing without a middleman.
  • Exclusive rights to your territory.
  • Complete training in all aspects of the enterprise, from sales, to installation, to business management.
  • Top-notch sales tools, including brochures, product samples and custom software.
  • Floorguard® branded business supplies for a polished professional image, from your business cards and forms to dynamic vehicle graphics and apparel.
  • National advertising
  • Freedom to run your business as you like, within a few simple guidelines.
  • NO royalties - more profit goes right in your pocket.

Don't Let Your Territory Slip Away

Floorguard® dealerships are exclusive to a territory, so if there is a specific area you want to represent, act quickly. Don't stand by and watch your preferred territory get snapped up by another dealer.

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