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The Fleet Feet Sports network is comprised of a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs who are passionate about our business and our community. Our goal is for each store to be successful in its community. Franchise opportunities exist in all 50 states and we are looking for qualified operators to join our team. Fleet Feet Sports offers more than 30 years of experience, thorough training, and a strong reputation as industry experts. People come to Fleet Feet Sports for quality products and expert advice. Extensive product knowledge and superior customer service set us apart from our competition.

There's a fit for each customer who walks through our doors, and we won't stop until we find it. It's the only way we know. As a result, Fleet Feet, Incorporated is the industry leader in franchising specialty footwear, apparel, and accessory stores focused on lifetime fitness sports. We've combined the strengths of individual entrepreneurship and cooperation to build a nationwide retail network with a focus on people and community.

Fleet Feet Sports began as a single store in Sacramento, California, opened by Sally Edwards and Elizabeth Jansen in 1976. In 1980, the business partners responded to interest in the success of their store by offering franchises. Sally led Fleet Feet, Incorporated for the following thirteen years, building the number of stores nationwide and developing a corporate staff headquartered in Sacramento. Tom Raynor purchased Fleet Feet, Incorporated from Sally in 1993. Under Tom's leadership, the company has grown to a very successful network of stores throughout the country, which receive support from a corporate staff located in Carrboro, NC.

Whether you are a brand new franchisee or have been in business for twenty years, Fleet Feet, Incorporated offers business consultation resources focused on the areas that are important to the success of your business.

Programs focus on areas such as local marketing, inventory planning & controls, customer service initiatives, and relationships with your vendors. As part of the Fleet Feet Sports team you will benefit from a culture focused on providing great service to all of the key stakeholders in our success: Our customers, our franchisees, and our vendors. Some of the services available to our franchisees include:

  • Direct access to your key inventory suppliers through our vendor management programs.
  • A National Conference each summer which focuses on training in basic business and customer practices, and an opportunity to network with our key vendors, review new products, and network with fellow franchisees.
  • Focused training in the areas of financial management, inventory controls, point-of-sale, apparel buying, footwear fit, and selling tactics.
  • Assistance with apparel merchandising including an annual winter apparel conference focused entirely on driving growth in your apparel business.
  • Continuous investment in the development of the Fleet Feet Sports brand, including national advertising and creative development available for all stores to use.

Why Fleet Feet Incorporated?

All new franchisees are taken through a six month development process which encompasses training in our Carrboro headquarters, as well as in-store training at existing franchises. Prior to opening, new franchisees in training will also attend a national conference of franchisees and vendors. Therefore, before your store's doors open for business, you will have established relationships with the national leadership teams of your most important vendors as well as existing franchisees from all across the country.

All new franchisees are assigned a Corporate Franchise Development Specialist who will work with you from the initial signing of your franchise development agreement, through your opening day, all the way to your second anniversary. This person will lead you through our timeline for opening a store and then stay with you to help you through those first two critical years in business.

After your second anniversary and throughout your relationship with Fleet Feet Sports you will have access to the Fleet Feet, Incorporated operations staff who will continue to provide assistance to you on topics ranging from managing your growth to managing your expenses.

We recognize that Fleet Feet Sports is not right for everyone. However, if you are a dynamic, hardworking individual who appreciates having a plan to follow and a team to support you, we might be the right match for you.

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