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Who We Are

Fleet Clean is the third largest mobile truck fleet cleaning service in the nation. With new Franchisees like you, we're about to become the largest!

What We Do

Equipped with water, power, pressure washers, soap, brushes, water reclaim units and a well-trained crew, we bring everything we need to wash our customers' fleets of vehicles; all our customers need to do is supply us with the dirty vehicles.

How We Do It

Fleet Clean focuses all of our actions, values and beliefs on doing what is right. We provide top-notch services, approach all our relationships with honesty and integrity, and we stay mindful that all of our actions have an effect on the world. Knowing that, we make sure that everything we do makes a positive impact.

Why Fleet Clean

Low Buy In

With Fleet Clean’s low buy-in, you can be up and running for far less money than it would take to start a similar company. In comparison to other service franchises, the fee is competitive and affordable. Best of all, you can skip the headache and trial and error of figuring out what works.

High Profit Margins & Recurring Revenue

The systems that Fleet Clean has put into place will help insure your profit margins are as high as they can be – much higher than many other industries. We do this by reducing expenses while optimizing revenues. With our bulk buying, and use of our technology for automating processes, expenses are low, really low. We’ve also refined the sales and billing cycle to generate maximum income and cash flow.

Low Competition/High Demand

Fleet Clean is one of the largest commercial truck cleaning and specialty power washing companies in the United States; and one of only a few fleet washing vendors that provides service on a national level. There is also a very high demand for this kind of work! All of our franchise markets have been selected because they have a high concentration of businesses that need our services. Our only other competitors are small mom and pop pressure washing companies that cannot provide service to the larger, more lucrative companies that request us to wash in multiple markets and provide them with a national contract.

Proven Model

When you buy a Fleet Clean franchise, you know you’ll be successful because we’ve replicated the success in different areas of the country and in different market sizes. With our proven success model, you are set to build a profitable franchise in your chosen market. And with Fleet Clean Systems Inc. supporting you every step of the way, you will immediately have the expertise you need to prosper in the fleet washing industry!

Recession Resistant

Fleet Clean serves the trucking industry, which (quite literally) keeps our economy running smoothly. Fleet Clean’s franchise services are recession resistant because trucking plays such a major role in how goods are transported across the United States.

Consider the following statistics:

  • More than 80% of all freight revenue is generated by the trucking industry
  • 82% of agricultural products & over 92% of prepared foods are shipped via truck
  • There are 2 million registered tractor trailers in the United States
  • The American Trucking Association estimates that the demand for trucking services will rise by 30 percent over the next decade.

Obviously trucking is a vital part of the nation’s economy and will continue to be in both up and down economies.

Low Overhead

The costs to run a Fleet Clean Franchise are relatively low, and we help you keep them that way. With our bulk buying power, you’ll save on all costs, from outfitting the Fleet Clean rig to purchasing pressure washer equipment and supplies such as soaps and brushes. You’ll get all these at discounted rates.

Our proprietary software is also a money saver. By simplifying and automating daily operations such as quote generation, job scheduling and invoicing – we save you time, LOTS of it. And as you know, time is money.

With such low overhead and our automated technology, and depending on the size of your market, you may even be able to work from home!

What You’ll Get

Fleet Clean University

  • Comprehensive Initial Training
  • Ongoing Training & Support

MyFC Technology

  • Customer Relations
  • Quote Generation
  • Scheduling Manager
  • Automated Invoicing
  • iPhone Application
  • Customer Console

Lead Generation

  • Top ranked website for our industry
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Industry Advertising
  • National Accounts
  • Call Center for Sales & Support
  • Discounted Supplies with Online Ordering

Ideal Candidate

We're looking for franchise owners who have strong leadership abilities and are motivated to do what it takes to succeed by applying our proven business model. At times this business requires long hours and hard work and a successful franchisee will be one who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty. In return, hard working franchisees will achieve spectacular profit margins!

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