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Attention All Real Estate Professionals:

Flat Rate Realty, a premium-service discount brokerage, is taking fee-for-service real estate to a whole new level. Consumer attitudes toward the real estate market are shifting dramatically. The time is now to take advantage of the changing climate and make it work in your favor.

As home buyers and sellers have become more informed, sophisticated, and computer savvy, the role of the real estate agent is being challenged. In some cases, the real estate agency's cut of a home sale is equivalent to as much as some people earn in a year, and to many consumers, this is unacceptable. Consequently, more owners are attempting to sell their homes without the aid of a broker. In today's market, too often the broker is seen as an unpleasant necessity.

There is a better way.

Flat Rate Realty is taking fee-for-service real estate to a whole new level. Instead of charging a percentage commission for each transaction, Flat Rate Realty offers an a la carte menu of services that home owners can choose from. The more our customers do on their own, the more money they can save.

Our Flat Rate Realty agents do all the traditional work of an agent (negotiate price / terms, arrange for financing / inspections / satisfactory closings) but we do something else. We allow home sellers to save thousands upon thousands of dollars. It is no wonder that our services and our quality sell themselves.

Our business model calls for smaller office staffs compared to the traditional brokerages, lower overhead costs, and fewer fingers in the profit pie. Efficiency, not redundancy is what makes Flat Rate Realty so successful.

Just as paramount to our success, we painstakingly maintain a first class image. From our truly artful signs and logos to the MLS listing that comes free with our flat rate, we give our clients more than any other discount real estate broker ever has. And our clients recognize that they are getting a real bargain.

As a Flat Rate Realty franchisee, you will be getting in on the ground floor of the next big revolution in the real estate industry. We offer:

  • Start-up Support. We will provide counsel on the choice of office location, signage, leases equipment, furnishings and advertising.
  • Training. Once you become a part of the Flat Rate family, you will receive personal training in all the particulars of running a successful real estate business the Flat Rate way.
  • Marketing. Flat Rate Realty has honed to a sharp edge the use of internet technology and local television advertising to let your community know all about your business. Advertising is one of the absolutely essential elements to success in our system and we will show you what works and what does not.
  • Technology. Our world class website development provides each office with the means to list properties, conduct virtual tours, and wow your buyers and sellers.
  • Consultation and Communication. You are not alone in the Flat Rate family. Through our corporate office you will always have ongoing advice and support and as regions open up, regional associations will be developed to allow franchisees to combine their efforts in marketing and community outreach.

It is our experience that our high class image and discount fees do all the selling for us. People "do the math" and realize Flat Rate Realty is the obvious choice. Our proven marketing program will make your phones ring from the very start.

Does this sound like a commercial advertisement? Well, yes. But that is because we are convinced that Flat Rate Realty is ready to rock the real estate world. We are trim, lean, all muscle, and we have something no one else has. Join us and be part of an exciting future with Flat Rate Realty.

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