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To give each customer the assurance that their car is well maintained by providing the highest quality automotive products and services delivered quickly and conveniently in a superior environment by a friendly, professional staff emphasizing integrity in every action.


We are the pre-eminent automotive maintenance provider leading our industry through excellence, innovation, and growth.

  1. Our customers trust us.
    They experience quality workmanship and fast, convenient, reliable service.
  2. Our franchisees are proud to be a part of Express Oil Change.
    They experience growth of their business through excellent operating systems and support.
  3. Our employees are valued individuals and team members.
    They are provided opportunities for personal growth and financial rewards. They are well trained and their compensation is a reflection of their contribution.
  4. Vendors are treated with respect.
  5. To our community, we are environmentally concious and responsible corporate citizens.
  6. We are successful, proud of our company, and enjoy our work.

Five-Point Formula for Success

Our five-point formula for success has been implemented, refined and proven to work for over two decades of our history. Industry publications show that we outpace the pack in important categories, such as "cars per day", "ticket average" and "average store sales chain-wide."

Our Five Point Formula

I. Superior Personnel

With our staffing and compensation system, Express Oil Change has been able to hire, train and retain top-notch employees who share our mission of service. Through experience our customers learn that at Express Oil Change, services will be performed by friendly, competent technicians they can trust.

II. Expanded Services

Express Oil Change offers a broader range of services than ordinary fast oil change centers. Our centers are divided into two departments that provide specialized services and create additional profit centers:

The Express Oil Change Department features the 10-minute oil change, 20-minute transmission service, and the installation of wiper blades, light bulbs and fluids. The Mechanical Department features mechanical services such as brake repair, tire rotation and balance, air conditioning service, belt and hose replacement and other minor repairs.

The combination of these two departments provides customers with "one-stop shopping" for preventative maintenance services and routine automotive maintenance needs.

III. Outstanding Facilities

Express Oil Change facilities are larger, brighter and more attractive than those of our competitors. Our exterior design foretells the professional service received inside, where state-of-the-art equipment allows a well-trained crew to fulfill our customers' expectations. Design flexibility allows us to maximize individual site and lot configurations.

IV. Quality Products

Only top-of-the-line, nationally recognized products are installed in automobiles at Express Oil Change centers. We have cultivated relationships with vendors of the finest quality products on the market today. In the spirit of partnership and due to our chain's purchasing power, these vendors not only provide additional support to our franchisees through reduced pricing, but they also financially participate in marketing programs. Together we earn our customers' trust in the products we offer.

V. Effective Advertising

Our advertising is memorable and relative to our target customer. Innovative campaigns are developed through a combined strategy of demographic message targeting and creative words and images. With this approach, we are able to introduce new customers to our business and reinforce existing customer confidence. The utilization of an advertising agency allows us to present a consistent message across the chain, and broadcast our campaign through a variety of outlets such as TV, radio, direct mail, in-store materials and the internet.

Working together as a chain, we promote the quality and consistency of the message and the continued growth of equity and power in the Express Oil Change brand for all of us.

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