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European Wax Center is recognized by its guests as a premier provider, industry leader, and national brand franchise with a focus built around providing guests The Ultimate Wax Experience!

We offer a high-end environment at an extremely competitive price point. Our strong corporate image and brand are well known throughout the country as we service thousands of satisfied guests each and every week. Our company has extremely solid footing with regards to systems, structure, organization, state of the art information technology, and associate education.

At European Wax Center, we're not in it for the short term gain or one time visit. Instead, we focus our energy on long term business and guest loyalty. We are determined to position ourselves as a key player in the world of franchising. We will focus on facilitating the relationships within and the continued growth of the entire franchise network by providing open lines of communication, continuous education and training, up to date use of technology, and the strategic use of structure, organization, image and brand in efforts to maintain a path of excellence.

The Right Place At The Right Time

While no one tracks the number of women and men getting waxed each year, analysts say that it is safe to assume that it is a multimillion dollar industry. The process of hair removal has become a growth industry. And of the several methods of hair removal, waxing presents significant advantages.

Waxing delivers a smooth feel and long-lasting effect. The more frequently this method is applied, the softer, finer, and sparser the hair becomes. Today, body waxing has become fashionable and the number of people who are seeking to be hair free is steadily increasing amongst both men and women alike.

At European Wax Center we are serving this expanding market with professionally trained estheticians. We offer our guests fabulous price incentives, superior guest service and much more. And we are now expanding through the tried and true business method of franchising.


European Wax Center takes great pride in its high-end image and brand. Over the years we have worked hard at developing every collateral marketing piece. Once you develop unique programs like Unlimited Wax Membership and Wax Pass, it's important not to forget that a key element in the success of the program will be based on how well you get the information across to your target market. European Wax Center is extremely dedicated to maintaining a high quality and successful image, brand and marketing formula.

Exclusive Process

European Wax Center's goal is to provide the ultimate body waxing service to both men and women. Guests come to us to achieve a consistent, smooth appearance that they can't achieve through home hair removal. From their very first experience and on each visit thereafter, our clients delight in the difference our commitment to excellence makes.

What makes European Wax Center so exclusive? The secret lies in our signature wax, which is imported from France. This specialized wax moisturizes the skin, as it shrink wraps to remove unwanted hair. It is developed to be effective at a comfortable temperature, reducing much of the discomfort often associated with traditional waxing.

Our unique wax is just one of our key distinguishing elements. The many features that comprise our excellent operation are incorporated in the European Wax Center business system, the solid foundation upon which our franchisees will base their businesses.

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