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Understanding E.nopi

E.nopi is a supplemental educational program which consists of both math and reading courses. Students generally attend the center once a week, where a certified instructor reviews student work and offers guidance as needed.

The program provides individualized study for each student by assessing his or her strengths and weaknesses. As students progress, the level of difficulty gradually increases and becomes more challenging. Through the E.nopi program, students are able to master mathematical concepts and cultivate effective study habits for academic success in all areas.

Five Key Points

  1. E.nopi is a supplementary educational program.
  2. E.nopi encourages students to learn independently and proactively. The curriculum is designed to develop students' basic thinking and critical thinking skills.
  3. The E.nopi method allows each child to advance steadily at an individually comfortable pace. An instructor's first priority is to customize the program to enable each child to reach his/her maximum potential.
  4. Teaching materials are designed to meet the individual and personal learning challenges of each student. Each new workbook is slightly more challenging than the previous one. Students must demonstrate optimal comprehension before advancing. All work is evaluated and progress is monitored by a certified instructor.
  5. E.nopi emphasizes the need to practice for a little while each day, so students complete short assignments in their workbooks on a daily basis. As a result, students develop good study habits at an early age, which will serve to benefit them throughout their academic careers.

Starting with E.nopi

Every prospective franchisee must complete an application to be reviewed by our Franchise Development Department before being contacted for an initial phone interview. An in-person meeting will be scheduled for those who qualify.

Once a prospective franchisee is approved to enter E.nopi's initial training course, he or she must complete a five day program that will cover both the E.nopi curriculum as well as business and center operations. This course covers not only the E.nopi curriculum, but also business and Center operations.

Once the Center location has been approved and all training requirements have been met, a franchise agreement can be offered. E.nopi staff will then work with you to prepare your Center for opening.

Franchise Information
Once we have determined that you meet all of our prequalification requirements, our Franchise Information Packet will be sent to you.

E.nopi conducts a standard background check and financial assessment as a prospective Franchisee must have the resources to set up an E.nopi franchise. Initial investment requirements and startup costs for E.nopi tend to be considerably lower than that of other franchises.

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