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Our History and Philosophy

In 1994 Michael Obeng, graduated and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Immediately following graduation he opened a private practice. At the time he ran a small yellow page advertisement promoting his practice that said, "Emergencies Welcome." As a result he noticed that - on just about every weekend - he would receive two or three calls from patients requesting emergency services. As a policy, if the patients came into the office, Dr. Obeng would take them at any time. This became a common theme, with patients commenting on the fact that he was one of the few dentists that would see them on an emergency basis.

Around the fall of 1995, an urgent care facility opened up across the street from Dr. Obeng's private practice. Dr. Obeng was impressed because patients were seen almost immediately. It was at this point that Dr. Obeng realized that this model could be applied to dentistry. With this in mind he started talking to people and discovered that an Emergency Dental facility did not exist.

By the beginning of 1996 Dr. Obeng approached a friend about developing an emergency dental concept. The friend agreed, and in September of 1996 Dr. Obeng opened the first Emergency Dental concept clinic, a stand alone clinic simply called Emergency Dental. Dr. Obeng felt that it was important that his private practice be separate from the emergency facility in order to avoid alienating other dentists. It was also meant to provide a facility with a full focus on treating dental emergencies. He wanted other dentists to feel comfortable referring patients to the emergency clinic.

Over time and with great expense, Dr. Obeng refined the Emergency Dental Care USA system. Today, he knows what works and what is most efficient. As a result, Dr. Obeng believes in the Emergency Dental Care USA system wholeheartedly stating, "Emergency Dental Care USA is one of the few practices where patients are extremely appreciative of your services. You are really performing a wonderful service to the community and as a result, it is satisfying."

If you've ever been in Emergency Dental Care USA you saw a practice bustling with patients. Now think of the opportunity this unique concept and dynamic system can bring to your community!

An amazing 40-50% of the general U.S. population -- with or without dental insurance -- does not see a dentist on a regular basis; which would explain how a third of Americans are living with untreated tooth decay.

When pain strikes and sufferers can't get into a regular dentist when they need it, Emergency Dental Care USA is there for immediate relief for the teeth!

You can be a part of providing an important service to your community-emergency dental care. The difference is providing what most dentists cannot offer: same day service. Emergency Dental Care USA treats patients who have no referral, no appointment and maybe no insurance-but who are ready to pay on the spot for pain relief right when they need it.

As an Emergency Dental Care USA franchise owner you'll be given a proven business system developed after many years of experience to guide you in establishing:

  • Office hours
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Treatments for patients
  • Staffing
  • Outstanding facilities

Plus you'll have the advantage of an excellent training, on-going support and cutting-edge effective marketing.

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